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Al Iaquinta's response to Bobby Green's taunts: 'He doesn't seem too intelligent'

Esther Lin

On last week's edition of The MMA Hour, UFC lightweight Bobby Green ran his mouth to an impressive degree, even by his own lofty standards.

The Inland Empire fighter nicknamed "King" took aim at his July 15 opponent, Al Iaquinta, and intimated his foe would rather run than fight.

"These guys are not here to fight," Green said. "Are we dancers? Are we CrossFit guys? Are we track stars? Are we breakdancers? I thought we were called fighters."

Monday, it was Iaquinta's turn to fire back on The MMA Hour. And the Serra-Longo fighter nicknamed "Ragin' Al" did not hold back.

"I was like, aww man, this guy doesn't get it," Iaquinta said, after he was played a tape of Green's comments. "He doesn't get it. He's talking about Donald Cerrone and he's whining and complaining about this and that, and, half the people don't give a s--- that he's complaining, and half the people listening to him complain are glad. Who does this guy, he talks the whole time, he doesn't fight. He's telling me stand in front. That's what I do. Does he watch me and my fights? I don't know."

As far as Iaquinta is concerned, Green is primarily known for running his mouth.

"When people say, ‘who's your next fight?' I say ‘Bobby Green,'" Iaquinta said. "And then people say ‘oh, that's the guy who talks a lot, huh?' I don't think, if anyone asks Bobby Green, who's your next fight, ‘oh, Al Iaquinta,' they're not going to say ‘that's the guy who talks a lot,' they're going to say ‘that's the guy who's freakin' tough as hell,' comes forward, comes to fight every time.'" That's what you're going to get."

Iaquinta isn't sure if this is all an act coming from Green, or if the person Green portrays himself as in his interviews is legit. But either way, Iaquinta is convinced that Green and his Pinnacle MMA crew wouldn't last too long at Serra-Longo in Long Island.

"Maybe he's playing up the whole WWF, acting thing," said Iaquinta, who will aim for his fifth straight win when the duo meet in San Diego. "Maybe I'm giving him too much credit, but he doesn't seem too intelligent, his team doesn't seem too intelligent. There's a reason I'm where I'm at. Guys like Bobby Green don't train where I'm at. They get weeded out real quick. Guys like Chris Weidman, guys like Aljamain Sterling, guys like myself, don't train where he's at, because we're way too smart for that. That what it is right there."

In his MMA Hour interview, Green also stated he'd come out to center of the cage and wait for Iaquinta at the start of his fight. Iaquinta isn't buying that one, either, as he noted Green has used unorthodox methods in his recent bouts.

"He's not going to do that," Iaquinta said. "He's going to do this [Iaquinta makes gestures with his hands], he's going to do this a little bit, he's going to make a face like I really didn't hit him, though I really did. That's what he does every fight. He talks while he's getting his ass kicked, then he thinks he won. He says, ‘oh, Edson Barboza threw that kick and a blocked it, but it got through.' What the f--- happened? Did it get through or did he block it? And he's talking ‘it didn't hurt,' and this and that. Dude, I'm going to put my hands up, and I'm gonna fight, and he's not going to do that. If he does? You're going to get an exciting fight."

Still, regardless of his personal feelings toward Green, Iaquinta understands Green at his best is capable of knocking off anyone in the division. So no matter what's coming out of Green's mouth, Iaquinta plans on being prepared for Green at his best come July 15.

"I know Bobby Green has the potential to be a tough guy," Iaquinta said. "He has some skills that are very good. He has great boxing when he wants to have great boxing. He's got great kicks when he wants to have great kicks and his wrestling is very good as well. I'm going in there and training hard. I'm pushing myself to the limit every day."

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