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Morning Report: Dana White says 'no way in hell' NFL could afford him to take over for Roger Goodell

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Think UFC president Dana White is feeling heat from fighters complaining about Reebok? Don't count on it.

As commissioners go, White says his daily dose of 'bad s**t' isn't anywhere close to the issues NFL boss Roger Goodell is forced to handle.

"There's no doubt," White told the Palm Beach Post. "Goodell has to deal with things that I hope I never have to deal with."

This, in the face of having one of White's biggest stars testing positive for cocaine and allegedly committing felony hit and runs on pregnant women.

"They'd have to pay me way too much to take that job," White continued. "No way in hell."

White wasn't asked directly about a rising discontent among some of his star athletes, but rather if he was 'glad' he 'didn't have to deal with unions.'

"Not even the unions," said White. "I'm just glad I don't have to deal with all of the stuff the NFL has to deal with. The NFL has to deal with a lot of stuff. They always give that commissioner a hard time, man, but let me tell you, every morning when I wake up, I thank God I'm not him."

For instance...

On May 25, the Chicago Bears severed ties with defensive tackle Ray McDonald following his arrest for domestic abuse and child endangerment, his second such offense.

On May 29 the Atlanta Falcons waived linebacker Prince Shembo after he was charged with felony animal cruelty for allegedly kicking and killing his then girlfriend's dog. Authorities claim the dog suffered from a broken rib, fractured liver, abdominal hemorrhage, thoracic hemorrhage and extensive bruising.

Just a few highlights from last week.

As for Jon Jones, White was asked what the former light heavyweight champion has to do to 'get back in the good graces of the UFC.'

"Obviously he's got to get through his legal situation and then we'll go from there."



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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via Emmery Myers.

The Top-10 worst online MMA trolls.

MMA fans are, generally speaking, awesome people. When Mark Coleman needed assistance, the MMA community responded. Despite a few vocal nincompoops, generally the fanbase has embraced the addition of the female divisions in the UFC. But on the internet...things are different. For every Jamesglory there are a dozen jerkface donks out there.

Lets count down the ten worst MMA trolls we run into on a day to day basis. These ten entries were compiled with an algorithm designed to account for A) annoyance factor B) delusional factor C) general knuckleheadry.

In no particular order :

10. The "Dana White is bad for the UFC and needs to go" guy.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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