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Morning Report: Jean Claude Van Damme believes Conor McGregor could move to Hollywood

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Oh, Jean Claude Van Damme.

When he's not spreading for Volvo he's dolling out life lessons to rising stars.

Appearing on UFC announcer Bruce Buffer's podcast, JCVD tried to explain what gives featherweight contender Conor McGregor his certain je ne sais quoi.

"A guy like McGregor, he's got that type of thing," said Van Damme. "He's hungry. It's new for him. He appreciates the money with a big smile. He's saying it out loud. He's living a very great adventure. This is the time when you go from nothing to being bored. I'm advising him to enjoy every second of the day.

"It's going to be hard to beat [McGregor] because he's fighting with this, plus the techniques and his height. Plus he's got the Irish people behind him and he created a connection between him and the audience of his early fights and he wants to be loved."

With Hollywood yearning for its next martial arts superstar to make the jump to film, Van Damme says McGregor could easily fill that void.

"McGregor is always going to be moving a step forward," said Van Damme. "He likes to elevate himself in fighting, philosophy, he's reading books, he's trying to learn his way. He's not stupid. He has to do what he has to do. He's a good guy. He loves people. Him being a movie star is really a true warrior. He'll make a film or two or three, for sure, because he wants to touch everything. In his heart he's a true warrior."

First, McGregor will have to solve featherweight champion Jose Aldo July 11 at UFC 189.

If McGregor should survive his challenge to Aldo, JCVD says he'd love to help the Irishman clean up some of his striking technique. If McGregor doesn't, well, you'll know why.

"McGregor is a great fighter if he can use his legs as good as his fists," said Van Damme. What he has that not too many people have is the eye. [Fedor] Emelianenko was not really in shape, but his eye. He's got that, but what McGregor has is hunger and he's training every day.

"After this fight I would love to spend some time with him to elevate the knee even better and not make mistakes. Turning around like that, it's fantastic. He's got the speed but a guy like Aldo can get inside him. That's dangerous."

Van Damme isn't making predictions, but sounds like he believes McGregor has what it takes to dethrone Aldo.

"To be honest with you, I love McGregor and I love Aldo. Those two guys, you've got a Lamborghini and a Ferrari. You've got the guy from the street. He's strong, all over the place. Not in a bad way. Like a monkey. Bam bam, he's all over the place. He's fast. He goes forward. He's imprevisible [unpredictable].

"McGregor has one thing nobody has in his division. He can go backwards as the same time he's hitting. When a guy runs at him and he can go backwards and he's hitting the guy. It's very dangerous. He's got the length to go forward and the technique to go backwards."

McGregor faces Aldo July 11 in the main event at UFC 189 in Las Vegas, Nevada.



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Not a fan of the translating.



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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via ProtectYaNeck.

Underestimation in MMA.

Am I the only one who is tired of people underestimating fighters? Its happened numerous times. From Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva to now Fabricio Werdum vs Cain Velasquez.

One rule I go into every MMA fight with is. Never underestimate your opponent. I've seen it happen far to often in MMA, really great fighters are getting counted out and its pathetic. Mixed Martial Arts is a sport where Anything can happen at anytime. One kick, one punch or one takedown can decide a fight. People need to realize no one in this sport is invincible, take in to consideration every aspect of a fight before you Spew out a silly prediction. Don't get me wrong, There is nothing wrong with predicting fights, its just when you predict those fight with guaranteed certainty that makes me and others like me want to laugh in your face.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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