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UFC 188 results: Henry Cejudo blames 'bad taco' for 'sluggish' win over Chico Camus

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

MEXICO CITY -- Henry Cejudo has everything on paper that suggests he could become the flyweight division’s first big star: An Olympic wrestling gold medal, the confidence to call out the best fighters in his division, and a solid skill set which is well on its way.

But Saturday night, he didn’t look like a fighter ready for a shot at champion Demetrious Johnson.

Cejudo, a huge favorite in the betting odds, scored a unanimous decision victory over a tough Chico Camus at UFC 188. The judges’ scores at Arena Ciudad de Mexico were a pair of 30-27s and a 29-28 in a bout closer than it sounds.

Cejudo (10-0), for his part, seems to understand he didn’t have his greatest showcase.

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"I’m a little disappointed with myself," Cejudo said. "I really felt sluggish."

Both fighters looked tentative in the opening round, as they felt each other out. Camus felt content to land counter shots when Cejudo rushed in. He also sprawled most of Camus' takedown attempts.

In the second round, Camus (14-6, 1 NC) turned up the heat and landed effective combos. While he still couldn’t take Camus off his feet, he got the best of things in the clinch.

The third round was briefly interrupted due to a Cejudo eye poke of Camus. In case there was any doubt, Cejudo finally scored a takedown and delivered some damage on the ground.

"A few days ago I had a bad taco, and it was a really bad cut was because of my sickness," Cejudo said. "The only reason I fought was the Mexican fans. In Mexico, I want to be known as the Aztec Warrior."

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