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UFC releases statement on controversial Jose Aldo drug test in Brazil

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC is supporting featherweight champion Jose Aldo following this week’s controversial drug test ahead of his 145-pound title defense against Conor McGregor at UFC 189, on July 11.

On Thursday morning, Drug Free Sport director Ben Mosier visited Nova Uniao for a random drug test, but the urine sample was discarded when the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) and the Brazilian federal police learned that Mosier didn’t have the proper visa to work in Brazil.

Aldo, who agreed to undergo the test Thursday, was drug tested again on Friday, this time by a Brazilian tester affiliated by WADA. Mosier, who was fined and has until June 19 to leave the country, following the procedure on Friday.

The UFC released a statement on its Portuguese website Saturday, supporting Aldo and his coach Andre Pederneiras. Check the complete statement below:

"The UFC has learned about the out-of-competition test, originally scheduled for Thursday, June 11, with Jose Aldo, by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Aldo has always been an exemplary athlete and a great champion for the UFC, and has proved it all this time. We affirm with authority that Aldo was made available to the test when requested by the Nevada Commission.

Andre Pederneiras, the champion’s manager and coach, then received the tester in his gym in Rio de Janeiro, on Friday, when the test was officially done.

The UFC declares unconditional support to featherweight champion Jose Aldo and reiterates its admiration for the Nevada Commission, for wanting to ensure a clean competition between athletes."

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