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Cain Velasquez calls Fabricio Werdum 'two-faced' after breakfast incident

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

MEXICO CITY -- Cain Velasquez apparently doesn’t see the humor in Fabricio Werdum’s quip that he’s more Mexican than Velasquez himself.

One day after Werdum made the comment about the UFC heavyweight champion on UFC Embedded, the two crossed paths over breakfast at the JW Marriott. And when the interim champion went to shake Velasquez’s hand, the the latter wasn’t having it.

"To me it seemed to be two-faced," Velasquez said at Wednesday’s UFC 188 open workouts at the Interactive Museum of Economics. "Don’t say something insulting to me. Stick to your guns. Don’t come up to me the next day and try to be buddy-buddy with me."

Velasquez’s comments came after Werdum gave his version of the events.

"Yesterday I saw Cain Velasquez at breakfast," Werdum told reporters. "I said hi, I shake hands with Daniel Cormier. ... When I shake hands with Cain Velasquez he said ‘no, no, I don’t want to shake your hand.’ I said why, he said ‘you talk about me, I don’t like that.’"

Werdum explained his "more Mexican" comment this way: Werdum, who has done Spanish language commentary for the UFC, has spent more time in the country than Velasquez, a Mexican-American born in the United States and raised in Salinas, Calif.

"I just said that Cain Velasquez was born in the USA, he’s not from Mexico," Werdum said. "I said that I’ve come to Mexico a lot of times, maybe 20 times, I’ve stayed a long time for my fight, the last time I stayed two months here."

Again, Velasquez, a quiet warrior who rarely speaks ill words toward anyone, wasn’t buying it.

"I was born in America and I’m proud to be American, but my parents are from Mexico and I’m proud of my heritage, too," Velasquez said. You just don’t say things like that."

Still, the Werdum says he didn’t mean the comment in a disrespectful way, regardless of how the champ took it.

"I don’t want to disrespect Cain Velasquez. He’s a nice guy. He’s a professional. I never say nothing about him. But I said it for promotion because I want the fans to watch the fights."

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