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Morning Report: Jose Aldo calls for a fighters' union with athletes 'losing a lot' due to UFC's Reebok deal

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

"First of all, it's s**t."

Well, go ahead and add UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo to the list of fighters voicing disdain for the promotion's sponsorship and uniform agreement with Reebok.

Speaking about the Reebok deal with Combate (translated by Bloody Elbow's Lucas Rezende), Aldo says he 'never thought it was interesting, especially for the champions.'

"Everybody has been talking about it," said Aldo. "We, athletes, are losing a lot. They said we would be like NBA or NFL athlete, but that doesn't apply, because we are not paid monthly like they are. It doesn't matter how much we will be paid, all athletes who had sponsors are losing money.

"That's a huge setback for us. We live for each fight, we have to keep fighting and nobody fights more than three times a year. Not a champion, anyway. Even the value they measured doesn't match what our sponsors were paying us. That is great for the UFC, but not for the fighters. I see a lot of athletes losing too much."

Aldo sounds in favor of unionizing fighters, believing the UFC's deal with Reebok would never be allowed by a fighters' association.

"If we are going to talk about something, that does not depend on just me being the champion, or [UFC heavyweight champion] Cain Velasquez, or any other champion," said Aldo. "If we had a union for fighters, and we were all together, like in the NBA, this would've been different, but fighters are not united.

"Today I have a price the event is willing to pay to have me, but there are other fighters out there willing to fight for spare change if I don't want to, and that is not even their fault. The UFC brought the sport to where it is today, great, that's their merit. But if athletes were more united and had a union to protect them, I don't think this would happen."

Aldo says his complaints aren't with himself in mind, but for his teammates who have turned to he and his coach Andre Pederneiras for help.

"It gets really bad for up and comers or guys who are trying to reach the top," said Aldo. "I'm not talking about me, I'm all right, I'm the champion and I have a high price. Aldo hasn't become the champion now, he has been the champion for years. But for the beginners, it's really bad."

Aldo defends his featherweight title to Conor McGregor Jul.11 at UFC 189 in Las Vegas, Nevada.



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Victory lap.

When you're at rock bottom only has one output, UP!!

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Better luck next time.

Unfortunately it wasn't my night. But that's how it is at the highest level of competition. A small setback is a great setup for a bigger comeback! I'll learn from my mistakes and get a lot better. I won't stop until I have that belt around my waist! Now back to the grind. Just wanna first thank God for blessing with this life. And a massive THANK YOU to all my fans for the support. And @ufc for this opportunity. I will be back!!!

I want to thank all my coaches and family friends, training partners and sponsors

High level of competition is so, one can not miss, but it will all learning to serve, the will was greater than the reason, but I'll come back stronger, !!! Thank God for the health and all for the support !!!!


Prof. Varner.




Please be careful.


Fun story.

Dirtbag decides to sexually harass group of females. What he didn't know was that 2 of the women were MMA fighters...

Posted by Cesar Gracie on Sunday, May 31, 2015


Pretty much.



Announced this weekend (May 29-31 2015)




Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via mathias1.

Zuffa is Selling the UFC

I find it extremely difficult to believe that the deal with Reebok, being such a financial disaster for the fighters, was simply a very poor decision by UFC/Zuffa management.

The deal is SO bad for fighters across the board, that I'm not ready to accept that White and the Fertitas are THAT bad at their jobs.

So, let's assume we can take White at his word when he originally claimed he wasn't getting "a dime" of that money. Yes, I know...humor me here.

If we rule out incredible stupidity, and we rule out pure, classic American greed....what's the final option?


Check out the rest of the post here.


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