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Metamoris 6 live blog

Josh Barnett will compete in the Metamoris 6 main event Saturday night.
Josh Barnett will compete in the Metamoris 6 main event Saturday night.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the Metamoris 6 live blog for the Metamoris event in California on Saturday night.

There will be six fights on the card. Josh Barnett vs. Ryron Gracie, Chael Sonnen vs. Babalu Sobral, Joe Lauzon vs. Dillon Danis, Zande Ribeiro vs. Keenan Cornelius, Clark Gracie vs. Roberto Satoshi, and Jeff Monson vs. Jimmy Friedrich are the featured matches.

Check out the Metamoris 6 live blog below. Each fight will be contested for one 20-minute round.

Main card:

Evandro Nunes vs. Jimmy Friedrich

Due to technical difficulties, we're only able to start live blogging from the 5-minute mark.

Friedrich is looking for a kneebar, but Nunes evades, slides backwards and begins to work from over-under, but Friedrich reaches for a kimura, but Nunes manages to block it with his legs. Now the two working from sit-up guard before Friedrich goes back to the knee shield. Now back to sit-up guard...before going back to Z guard for a bit. Nunes counters by diving under for a stack pass, but it doesn't work. Back to knee shield for Friedrich. Nunes attempts a last-minute triangle attempt from a posted hand, but it's too little, too late.

Evandro Nunes vs. Jimmy Friedrich results in a draw

Clark Gracie vs. Roberto Satoshi

Gracie sits immediately and looks for de la Riva with a lapel grip. Satoshi digs an underhook to break the DLR, but Gracie keeps ahold of the pant leg. Gracie uses a hook to elevate Satoshi, but nearly gets torreando passed. X-pass attempt by Satoshi also doesn't work. Gracie has a leg lasso briefly before going to x-guard. Satoshi attempts another torreando, but it goes nowhere. Satoshi tries is again and gets close, but Satoshi retreats and Gracie uses a sleeve and pant grip to invert and nearly score an omaplata.

Now Satoshi pulls and Gracie attempts to push the legs aside, but decides to take bottom position. The two nearly spill off the mat, but are restarted on the feet. Gracie pulls and nearly ends up in a flying triangle attempt! Gracie is controlling the right ankle by grabbing his own lapel. He secures a leg lasso on the other side and lets go of the leg. Now Satoshi has Gracie's ankle controlled with his own lapel grip. Satoshi stands and stacks Gracie while trying to pass, but stands up and Gracie goes back to DLR. Satoshi's sleeve was being controlled, and pulls out sensing an omaplata, but gets swept trying to evade. He then gets omaplattad in a scramble, but pulls out and they're back to modified 50/50.

Gracie goes to deep DLR with the sleeve grip for the omaplata, but gets stacked in the process. The Brazilian backs out and goes for an Estima lock, then gets the long step pass! Gracie recovers and uses reverse DLR before they both stand. Gracie stands and he's back to sleeve grip with DLR. Satoshi is swept, but he comes up with the omaplata! He's transitioning to the armbar, but Gracie spins on top to counter. The two stand with about 30 seconds left and Gracie goes back to the leg lasso, but nothing doing.

Clark Gracie vs. Roberto Satoshi ends in a draw

Xande Ribeiro vs. Keenan Cornelius

Cornelius pulls right away and uses DLR, but goes to worm guard with Ribeiro's belt. He transitions to the lapel. Cornelius inverts and gets super deep on the DLR hook that he nearly sweeps and gets behind him. They restart and Cornelius nearly gets a step-back pass, but Xande recovers. Another insanely deep DLR hook for Cornelius, but Ribeiro drops to his back to prevent it being taken. Cornelius attempts a long step pass, but Xande is able to turn in just enough. Cornelius flips over the top in a scramble and nearly ends up in leg drag, but stands after creating space. He's taken down with a modified single and briefly entertains the idea of stacking the American before electing not to. Cornelius locks up the worm guard set-up from on top and as Riberio tries to stand is nearly armbarred as Cornelius dives on the free right side arm.

Xande sees it and escapes right away. Cornelius on top, but Ribeiro uses a pant grip on the pass attempt to reverse him and stand. Cornelius goes back to Ribeiro's belt and inverts, finally finding his way to Xande's lapel. From the invert position, Xande tries to jump into open space Cornelius is leaving open. Cornelius escapes. He later tries a knee cut pass, but as Xande blocks with the opposite leg, Cornelius locks up a far side arm for a near crucifix, but Ribeiro rolls out and escapes. Cornelius inverts after getting back on Xande's lapel and the turn upside rips Xande off of his base. Cornelius nearly gets an arm and almost the back, but Xande turns into him.

Xande Ribeiro vs. Keenan Cornelius ends in a draw

Joe Lauzon vs. Dillon Danis

Dabis pulls guard and nearly gets passed, but from 50/50 circles through for a heel hook. Lauzon tries to pass, but nearly gets guillotined twice. Danis takes his back already with a seatbelt grip and two hooks. He's hunting for a rear naked choke, but nothing doing so far. Lauzon gets to his base, but Danis has the body triangle. Lauzon is doing everything possible to hand fight and spin, but can't get Danis off of him. Danis lets go of the body triangle and tries to stand, but has to fight off an armbar. He does and separates, but in a scramble as Danis passes, locks up a super deep d'arce and that's it. Joe taps.

Dillon Danis def. Joe Lauzon via d'arce choke

Chael Sonnen vs. Babalu Sobral

The two start hand and collar tie fighting right away and Babalu slips after getting his heard turned. Babalu is working a half guard knee shield before going to full guard. Babalu tries for an over the top armbar, but Sonnen pulls back. Babalu going back to it briefly before letting go. Sonnen routinely putting hands on the mat, but Babalu has yet to make him pay. Babalu is trying to scoot underneath for deep half before he's blocked. Babalu tries it again and it doesn't work.

Sonnen now in half guard before Babalu locks up full guard again. There's not a lot of attempts to pass from Sonnen here. Sonnen stands and as he returns Babalu locks up double unders before retreating back to the closed guard. Babalu briefly frames for a kimura before abandoning it.

This routine essentially continues for minutes. It ends in a draw.

Chael Sonnen vs. Babalu Sobral ends in a draw

Josh Barnett vs. Ryron Gracie

The two hand fight and work various collar ties to start. Snapdown from Barnett plans Ryron on the ground. Josh working from an open half guard, but total pressure on the collar with underhooks. Ryron nearly gets full guard from an attemped sweep, but Barnett reverses direction and  and passes. Ryron, though, recaptures half. Barnett attempts mount, but Ryron recaptures half guard. Ryron shucks him off and nearly grabs an ankle, but Barnett drives weight down to sprawl out. Ryron, though, locks up full guard.

Ryron's trying to control Barnett's posture, but it's a back-and-forth battle. Barnett stands to break the guard and does. He threatens the knee cut, but changes directions and goes the other way. From behind, Ryron tries to land an inverted triangle choke, but Barnett escapes and tries to roll through for a toehold, which works.

Josh Barnett def. Ryron Gracie via toehold

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