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Gabi Garcia vs. Mackenzie Dern was in the works for Metamoris 6

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Ralek Gracie was willing to finally book another female match at Metamoris, but Gabi Garcia and Mackenzie Dern reportedly didn’t come to a deal.

Metamoris 6 takes place Saturday in California, and Dern, who became the first to defeat Garcia in six years, contacted Gracie asking for a bout at the event. However, when the promoter offered Garcia as an opponent, the talk slowed down.

"I was offered to fight two other girls at Metamoris, and those two declined because of the BJJ Worlds and for personal reasons. Then they offered Gabi, and I accepted to fight her, but we didn’t come to a deal on the money," Dern told Tatame. "It’s a 30-minute match, especially being on short notice, four days before the event.

"I want women’s jiu-jitsu to be valued, and I have my price," she continued. "If Metamoris paid my price, I would fight Gabi tomorrow. If they couldn’t pay my price, fight for less money – especially against a world champion like her – depreciates women’s jiu-jitsu. Of course she will accept to fight for little money: she just lost. I’m not desperate for money to fight anyone for no title and less money. I will be there at the Worlds, ready to fight anyone – especially Gabi."

According to Garcia, Metamoris would have made Garcia vs. Dern this edition’s secret match, but Dern decided not to compete.

"I came to the United States to fight at Metamoris, Ralek invited me. I was going to fight Mackenzie, who asked to be on the event," Garcia said to Tatame. "Ralek accepted the fight, Mackenzie accepted the fight. Now, days before the event, she refused it. It’s a promotion that pays women, would be good for women’s jiu-jitsu. I came here just to fight. I don’t turn down any opponent. A champion is that one who stays at the top, who accepts to fight anyone and proves to be the champion. It’s easy to reach the top. I’ve been there for seven years and never ran from anyone. Mackenzie just gave up on fighting. It’s a loss for women’s jiu-jitsu. It would be a fight with no points, submission-only, the real jiu-jitsu."

After Tatame published the story, Garcia posted on her Instagram page that Metamoris was willing to pay them way more money, and even offered to give her purse to her opponent, but Dern refuted it. Garcia later deleted the post.

"Gabi Garcia, you are lying to all of your fans," Dern posted on her Instagram. "Ralek just talked to me about money today. So there was no fight set up before. If you say you will give me your purse and your purse is more than what I want I will fight you Saturday. Tell your manager to come talk to me!"

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