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Daniel Cormier on Chael Sonnen's 'punk' comment: 'Remember the source'

Esther Lin

Chael Sonnen recently made headlines for the first time in awhile when he chimed in on the UFC light heavyweight title situation.

Speaking on his podcast, Sonnen said that anyone who would accept the title when Jon Jones still lurks in the division is "a punk."

"If you accept the title when you didn't beat him, you're a punk," Sonnen said. "I would never put a belt around my waist knowing the guy five feet away from me is the true owner of it."

Monday, Daniel Cormier, who will meet Anthony Johnson for that vacant title at UFC 187, responded to West Linn's finest. Cormier said that given the same opportunity, Sonnen would have taken this title shot without hesitation.

"I think he would in a heartbeat," Cormier said. "That's the thing about Chael, that's what you have to realize when you get to know him. A lot of times he's just talking.

Sonnen, of course, got a shot at Jones' light heavyweight title after losing two shots at Anderson Silva's middleweight title.

"He would have taken this opportunity very quickly," Cormier said. "Just like he did to fight Jon when he had come off a loss to Anderson Silva in the second fight. He will always take those opportunities. That's just him talking."

All things considered, Cormier says to remember who is the person making the claim.

"Put the belt next to Chael Sonnen and see," Cormier said. "Today, he'll wear the belt, even though he doesn't fight anymore. You can go ‘Chael, here you go.' This is a guy who paraded around with a fake belt after getting submitted by Anderson. He said ‘this is my belt,' even though Anderson submitted him. You've got to think of who you're talking to. Remember the source."

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