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Thiago Alves' broken nose will likely require surgery

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

UFC welterweight Thiago Alves didn't just suffer a loss to Carlos Condit in the main event at UFC Fight Night 67 on Saturday. He also has a badly broken nose, one so damaged it will likely require surgery to be fully repaired.

Dr. Marcio Tannure, the medical director of Brazil's athletic commission CABMMA, spoke to MMA Fighting's Guilherme Cruz about Alves' medical needs.

X-rays of the shattered nose were not immediately available. Timelines for treatment and recovery for the American Top Team fighter were also not known.

Alves lost to Condit via second round TKO via doctor stoppage after the end of the second round.

Correction: An earlier version of this article said Alves will definitely require surgery. According to a recent update from Dr. Tannure, Alves will likely require surgery. It is not known whether a surgical procedure is essential at this time.

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