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Bethe Correia regrets suicide comments: ‘I was just showing [Rousey's] weak psychology for sports’

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

GOIANIA, Brazil -- Bethe Correia asked Ronda Rousey for forgiveness after a controversial suicide comment, and explained why she said that in the first place.

Correia originally said in a scrum with the Brazilian media in Las Vegas that she hoped Rousey didn't kill herself after losing to her at UFC 190 in Rio de Janeiro, but claims she had no idea Rousey’s father committed suicide.

"I was just showing her weak psychology for sports. I knew her father had died when she was a kid, but I didn’t know he committed suicide," Correia told the media in Goiania. "Ronda humiliated me. She said I would have a meeting with Jesus, that she would humiliate me inside my house. So I responded talking about her history.

"I said she ran away from home, her past with bulimia, did drugs after the Olympics. But I didn’t know about this episode with her father."

According to the undefeated bantamweight contender, Rousey has "a bad habit" of talking trash to anyone.

"Ronda has a bad habit of humiliating people. She created this media that she’s a superhero, so that makes her comfortable to talk trash about anyone," she said. "I’ve seen UFC ring girls complaining about it, even about her thinking she’s prettier. She talks about anyone who gets press."

Rousey vs. Correia takes place at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Aug. 1.

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