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Conor McGregor slams coach Andre Pederneiras for announcing retirement before Jose Aldo title defense

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

LAS VEGAS -- Jose Aldo has reportedly promised some kind of announcement after his title defense against Conor McGregor at UFC 189. During a media scrum last week following an open workout, McGregor was asked what he thought that announcement would be.

The brash Irishman doesn't really care too much. But used the inquiry to slam Aldo's coach Andre Pederneiras, who announced recently he would be retiring from his duties as head coach of Nova Uniao in 2016.

"Maybe it's announced that [Aldo is] gone as well, because his coach is gone," McGregor said. "How's his coach gonna say he's gonna retire when his fighter has the biggest fight of his life coming up? C'mon, what is that? They're done with the game."

McGregor (17-2) has done his part to build this fight up and it'll probably be the largest of the UFC year, which is impressive considering it's in the unheralded featherweight division. UFC president Dana White said over the weekend that the promotion had spent more money than it ever has for marketing UFC 189 on July 11 in Las Vegas. A one-minute commercial that will air during the NBA Finals was unveiled Saturday night during UFC 187. The UFC is expecting a $7 million gate at the MGM Grand for Aldo-McGregor.

Aldo (25-1) is one of the pound-for-pound best fighters in the world. He hasn't lost in 10 years, a span of 18 straight victories. Aldo, 28, has defended the WEC/UFC 145-pound belt nine times. McGregor said he respects Aldo for "battling through his rounds and sticking it out," but believes Aldo's career is coming to a rapid close.

The cocky contender also extended an invitation for Pederneiras to come work with him in either Dublin or Las Vegas, where he is doing his training camp. McGregor is renting a seven-bedroom mansion for his entire team.

"Maybe Andre can come over here and chill out with me and hold pads for me," McGregor said. "We can do a little bit together maybe. If he wants a job, he can have a job here."

McGregor, 26, has won all five of his UFC fights and only one has gone to a decision. In all, "The Notorious" has won 13 straight going back to 2011. He believes this is his team in MMA and Aldo's run is coming to a close.

And as far as his potential announcement, McGregor is ambivalent.

"It does not make a difference what his announcement is, because I will have the belt," he said.

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