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UFC 187 undercard live blog: Dodson vs. Makovsky, more

John Dodson and Zach Makovsky headline the UFC 187 undercard Friday.
John Dodson and Zach Makovsky headline the UFC 187 undercard Friday.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 187 undercard blog for the UFC 187 event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

There will be six fights on the UFC 187 undercard. John Dodson vs. Zach Makovsky, Dong Hyun Kim vs. Josh Burkman, Uriah Hall vs. Rafael Natal, Mike Pyle vs. Colby Covington, Islam Makhachev vs. Leo Kuntz, and Justin Scoggins vs. Josh Sampo will be featured.

Check out the UFC 187 undercard live blog below.

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Justin Scoggins vs. Josh Sampo
Round 1: Flyweight fight to get us kicked off for UFC 187. Mark Smith is the referee. Scoggins comes in, and Sampo with a leg kick. Simultaneous push kick, and Sampo's landed better. Lots of kicks from both sides early. Sampo leaving lead leg out there, and he comes in to clinch at center. Scoggins pushes him away. Push kick again from Scoggins. There's a quick one-two from Scoggins, and Sampo eats it. Now along the fence, Scoggins threatens a takedown, but Sampo wheels out. Spin kick from Scoggins just misses. Sampo lunges forward throwing punches, but Scoggins out of danger. And again, Sampo moves in and lands a solid right hand. Front leg side kick to the thorax from Scoggins. Nice work there. Kicks are coming from many levels. Now Sampo flies in for a takedown, but Scoggins sprawls. Action-packed opening round. Scoggins keeping Sampo guessing here, as he comes up high with a kick attempt which is errant. So long as Scoggins keeps this range, he will pick apart Sampo. Body kick from Scoggins, now a side kick again. Just a torrent of kicks from the North Carolina fighter. Very loud side kick to the ribs from Scoggins, and he rolls out. He's keep the range. Sampo not griming. Nice flurry at the end of the round. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Scoggins, 10-9

Round 2: Scoggins comes out and kicks the lead leg of Sampo. Right hand to the body by Sampo. Front leg hook kick downs Sampo momentarily, but he bounces back up! Wow. Now they stand and trade in the middle, and Sampo with a good retaliation there. He planted a nice right hand. Scoggins casually kicks the lead leg again, and then comes up top with a kick, which snaps off of him with lightning quickness. Superman punch from Sampo lands, and now he clinches with Scoggins and lands a nice knee to the forehead before they break. Front kick from Scoggins straight to Sampo's face lands clean! But Sampo goes right through it, and now Sampo lands a right. Sampo wants to land something big and clean, but can't. Now he snatches Scoggins' back, and thry go to the fence. Working for that takedown, and they go down. Scoggins trying to reverse, but can't — for a moment Sampo was on top, but Scoggins back up. Nice grappling there. Body kick from Sampo lands very audibly. Sampo gaining some steam. Sampo in a wheelhouse exchange blasts Scoggins with a solid right hand, and he moves forward. Scoggins is the one looking a little bewitched here. Scoggins lands a left counter as Sampo comes in for a leg kick. Another superman punch there from Sampo as the round ends. Close, close round. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Sampo, 10-9 (19-19 overall).

Round 3: Nice combo from Scoggins to open the round. Sampo's corner was adamant that Scoggins is slowing down. Jab from Scoggins, and they throw at the same time, with Scoggins landing better. So far Scoggins throwing hands to begin the third round. Front leg hook kick lands from Scoggins; he makes that look effortless. Sampo comes rolling forward and lands a left hand on the move, now they clinch and Scoggins initiated that. Can't take Sampo down, and Sampo back to center. High kick from Sampo and then a superman punch, but nothing got in clean. Another front leg round kick from Scoggins, but it doesn't touch Sampo clean. What a display from Scoggins with his legs. That time he tried to kick Sampo, and Sampo catches his leg and dumps him to the canvas. Now Sampo is on top in Scoggins' guard, in control and posturing up. Ground and pound here as Sampo lands a big elbow. Again posturing up, Sampo lifts Scoggins and shoves him into the fence. Scoggins back up. Wow. They trade in the middle, and Sampo goes low for a takedown. Nothing doing. Front kick from Scoggins lands, and then he shoves Sampo to the mat. Back up, and Scoggins greets him with a body kick. Some blood on Scoggins face, over his eye. Now a takedown from Scoggins. And they go to the fence. Sampo able to stand back up, but it might have gave Scoggins the round. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Scoggins 10-9 (29-28 for Scoggins overall).

UFC 187 official results: Justin Scoggins def. Josh Sampo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Islam Makhachev vs. Leo Kuntz
Round 1: Makhachev comes in with some hype in this fight, being a training partner of Khabib Nurmagomedov; a lot of people thinking he could make waves. We'll find out. The third man in the Octagon is Jason Herzog. Southpaw stance for Makhachev as he comes out, and he throws an overhand left that doesn't connect clean. But it had intention. Kuntz circling. Big overhand left on the end of an exchange lands for Makhachev, and he ties up Kuntz on fence. Now he is going to toil there. Kuntz able to push him away and they break. Little inside kick from the Russian. Huge throw from Makhachev, flattens Kuntz, and he immediately takes him back on the ground. Now Makhachev is trying flatten Kuntz, to lock in a rear-naked chok, but so far Kuntz is fending — and he escapes, and stands up. Kuntz now throws a right hand which lands. Makhachev comes up high with a kick, but not a lot behind the kick. Right hook and then a short left elbow to the temple from Makhachev. Some swelling on Kuntz's face. Kuntz still trying to find his range, throws another high kick. Then he comes in low to Makhachev's body. They clinch in the middle, and Makhachev throws a series of right uppercuts from inside, and he lands a good many. Now he simply takes Kuntz down, and moves into side control. He is landing hammerfist and transitioning, but the round ends. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Makhachev, 10-9.

Round 2: They touch gloves to being second. Kuntz comes in with a low kick, and he's lit up with a combination for the effort, as Makhachev lands a great one-two. Uppercut from Makhachev in clinch. Kuntz damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. Short hook lands from the Russian, and again a right short punch that lands. Makhachev gets full back control, and now he's landing sharp elbows as he sets up his transition. Now he's got Kuntz's back, and they are prone. Makhachev with a ton of time to work here. He is trying to — and secures — the body triangle. Makhachev landing punches with the idea of getting under Kuntz's neck. Now he has it, and Kuntz is grimacing...and they roll backwards. It's tight. And it's over! There's the tap. Incredible stuff there from Makhachev.

UFC 187 official results: Ivan Makhachez def. Leo Kuntz via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:38 of R2

Mike Pyle vs. Colby Covington
Round 1: Referee is Herb Dean. Pyle takes center, and tries a push kick. Covington is a prospect here, and he wastes little time in shooting in and putting Pyle on the fence. He is lowering, trying to get to Pyle's legs. Pyle, the vet, very coolly fending off the wrestler her, and now Pyle tries to turn the tables and take Covington down. He can't, and he's back on fence. Now we have a low blow from Covington. Pyle winces, and we have a break here. Dean separates the two and gives Pyle a few seconds to catch his breath, Pyle takes a knee, and he's huffing air. Looks like he's ready to get back. They touch gloves. High kick from Covington which is mostly blocked by Pyle. Covington comes in and Pyle slams him with a right hand on the advance. Still, Covington pushes him back on cage, and they trade inside punches. They break — momentarily. Covington implementing the game plan, and he forces Pyle right back onto fence. Pyle trying for Kimura, and they rolled to the ground, but right back up. Covington relentless here, trying to get that takedown. Pyle fending, but finally Covington slams him down on his side on the fence. Big elbow from the guard of Pyle, and Pyle fishing for Covington's neck. Nothing doing. More ground and pound here from Covington, who is slamming punches into Pyle's side. Now Pyle threatens with a triangle, but Covington just blasts through it and right back into guard. Pyle has Covington's left arm tied up, but not anymore. Covington is just keeping his head and keeping control. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Covington, 10-9

Round 2: Covington immediately blitzes Pyle with pressure and dumps him on the fence. This time Pyle able to stand right back up, but he's got Covington right on him. Nice knee from Pyle as they clinch, and that forces Covington to back away for a moment. They reset. Pyle trying to stay elusive, and he's throwing that jab as he moves. Overhand right from Covington, and now he starts throwing long telegraphed hands. Pyle hits him with a counter, and Covington takes that as his cue to shoot in. They are on fence. Covington spins Pyle around, and drops him. Side control as they revolve away from fence. Pyle with his feet on links. Quick sub threat there from Pyle, but Covington just no-nonsense jumps back in his guard, diving forward with elbows. Pyle trying to keep Covington in close, but Covington able to posture up and land a big elbow. Slow whittling here, as Covington landing hindered shots. Now Pyle trying to cut off Covington's breathing with his palm over his mouth/nose, but Covington just keeps the frustration in play. He's in guard and looking for room to drop bombs, and Dean has seen enough. He stands them up. Covington going for a high kick and Pyle hits him with a jab that upsets his balance. Covington winging big looping punches, but they miss. Round ends with Pyle stalking Covington. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Covington, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

Round 3:
Covington again right away for the takedown, and this time he gets sloppy/overzealous. Pyle for a moment grabs his neck and takes the top position, but Covington reverses and now Pyle in the familiar position of fighting from his back. Acute elbows from the bottom from Pyle, who is trying to get some offense where he can. But right now Covington is just keeping his hulk on him and landing impeded shots (not a lot getting through clean). Dean looking on as Covington lands an elbow from Pyle's guard. Now Covington finding some room, and he's slamming home left hands to Pyle's face. Pyle bleeding a bit above right eye. Again, Pyle fishes for a Kimura, but it isn't there. Covington is still manhandling Pyle, though, and he grabs Pyle's torso to pull him off the fence. Pyle torquing for a Kimura, and the crowd in Vegas likes the thought. He reverses, and now Pyle on top. Now he's got his back! Pyle with a minute to work, and he has Covington's neck. They turn, and Covington is turning red, but he pops loose! Wow. Now Pyle back to fighting from bottom, and Covington just laying into him with strength and the odd punch. Fight ends there. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Pyle, 10-9 (29-28 for Covington overall)

UFC 187 official results: Colby Covington def. Mike Pyle via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Uriah Hall vs. Rafael Natal
Round 1: Referee is Mark Smith. Hall was chomping at the bit to get at Natal. Now he comes out with his hands down and Natal greets him with a kick to the groin. Wow. Now Hall gets a moment. He's okay. That kick looked obvious, the groin kick. Leg kick from Sapo. Hall catches a kick and throws a big straight right. These guys don't like each other. Leg kick from the circling Natal. Hall with his hands down, stands and waits for the advance. Left jab from Hall, and a whiff of an overhand right from Sapo. They trade leg kicks, and Hall now holding center. Nice push kick sends Natal back to fence. Hall very poised here. He's picking his shots. They both throw wild rights, and neither connects. Natal with a push kick then a leg kick; he's mixing it up. Now Natal dekes a punch and goes in low for a takedown; can't get it. Spinning kick misses from Hall. That thing had no mercy. A couple of right hands from Sapo, but he can't get to the chin. Head kick from Hall lands! Right to Sapo's chin. But Natal shakes it off and moves forward. Spinning back kick to the body of Natal lands, just as he was coming in with a shot. Vintage Hall there. Again, Hall very methodical in setting things up. Not rushing anything. Another high kick from Hall lands again. He's changing stances, and Natal shoots in and dumps Hall on fence, but Hall bounces right back up. He toils for another takedown before the bell, but can't get it. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Hall, 10-9.

Round 2: Again, Hall was at the middle of the cage before the bell. He wants to fight. They exchange kicks. Hall feints, and now moves in, stalking Natal. Left jab lands for Hall. That was snapped off with a quickness, and Natal answers with a nice leg kick. Big flurry from Natal, but Hall got out of there without getting tagged. Big takedown right in the middle of the cage. The Brazilians in the crowd erupt. Natal is sucked into Hall's guard, but this is not where Hall wants to be. Neutralized on his back, while going against a decorated jiu-jitsu ace. So far, Hall keeping him close, and scooting slowly to fence. Natal with his head buried into Hall's chin, and Hall begins to stand as he reaches fence. He does stand, but Natal is still on his back, grinding him. Knees to the thigh, and Hall just trying to pry himself free of Sapo. Once again Natal lift Hall up for a takedown, but he can't get it and there's the separation. Hall with a nice knee to the body. Natal is circling, and both men look a little tired. Smith advises them to fight. Hall shoots in and tries for a takedown (!), and he can't get it. But they are on the fence, and Hall is dirtying him up there. Now he hoists Natal into the air and slams him down, for a moment anyway. Natal is slammed down again. This time towards the middle. Yet before Hall can get off any punches from his back on the mat, the bell rings. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Natal, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

Round 3: Hall with a couple of jabs, and now a leg kick. An inside leg kick lands and buckles Natal, and now he tries to clear his head with a head kick, which narrowly misses. Hall still looks in complete control of his striking. Flying knee there from Hall, and that landed. That might have hurt Natal a bit. But the Brazilian comes forward and lands a punch of his own. Head kick from Hall glances off Natal, who ducks his head down and tries for a takedown. Can't get it. That time Natal blocked Hall's high kick, and Hall wheels around. Natal looks a little winded, his hands down a bit. Hall kicks the leg, and throws a jab with his long left hand. Natal attempting to work the body with some punches, but it's been difficult for him to get in range. Right hand lands from Natal, and Hall was wobbled! He was unsteady. And Natal might have sensed it, because he tried to capitalize. Natal tries for the takedown, and they go to fence. Natal has Hall posted there, and Hall grabs his wrists. Hall grunts as he pushed Natal away. Referee breaks them, and back the center. Hall trying to land something, and he attempts a spinning wheel kick which is blocked. Another one off kick, and that's it. Crowd voices displeasure with the fight. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Hall, 10-9 (29-18 for Hall overall)

UFC 187 official results: Rafael Natal def. Uriah Hall via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Josh Burkman
Round 1: Jason Herzog is the ref. They touch gloves. Stun Gun to the center, and he immediately ducks down looking for a takedown. Burkman moves off. Now Burkman throws a low punch which lands, and he gets on his bike and circles. Knee from Kim as Burkman came in lands, and Burkman trying to take Kim's head off with a flurry from the middle all the way to the fence. They tie up there, and Kim drags Burkman off the fence and sticks on his back like Velcro. He's looking to trip Burkman, but Burkman — the wily vet — is so far rooted to the canvas. Finally Kim gets some lift, but Burkman slips free and doesn't go down. Instead, he grabs Kim and puts him on fence, and they reverse there, with Kim once again grabbing Burkman's back. Now he crawls up on his back, like he did against Karo Parisyan at UFC 88, and settles in on him like a backpack. Baby hammerfists from that position, in volume. Burkman holding Kim's entire weight. Now Kim opening up with the punches a little more. Burkman in a bad spot as Kim slithers his arms through trying for a choke. Burkman does have a hand in between playing interference; the choke's not there, so Kim let's it go, and though he puts his foot on the mat he still has Burkman's back. Big knees to the thigh from behind, and he tries to slip one through to Burkman's chin. Can't. But he slams home a few more to the thigh. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Kim, 10-9.

Round 2: Kim right back out, and tries a high push kick. Errant. Burkman looks a little tentative. Kim falls trying to land a high kick, and Burkman opens up with a volley. He lands a good shot and backs Kim down to the fence. Now Burkman looking for a takedown on the fence, all the way down in a crouch trying to hoist Kim off his feet. Kim looks in no danger of going anywhere. Now the position is slowly turning into a dominant one for Kim, and now he is nearly back to Burkman's blindside. Kim with Burkman compact in a crouch on the fence, and he's landing left hands. Not a lot of mustard on them, but they're scoring. Now they are picking up some velocity and power. Burkman trying to sneak out, but can't as Kim continues to land. Herzog telling Josh to get busy. Right now Burkman has nothing for Kim. Kim controlling the action. He has Burkman's right arm pinched off, and now he's landing sharp elbows. Those hurt. Burkman gets a little panicked when he feels those. But he can't get up. He initiated it all with the takedown, and now he's paying for it the whole second round. Kim continues to pour it on. Burkman stands at the end, but he was thoroughly outclassed that round. MMA Fighting scores R2, 10-9 for Kim (20-18 overall)

Round 3:
Final round. They touch gloves. Burkman will need a finish. He waves a series of jabs out there, then lands a knee and a flurry! He's on the fence swinging for the fences! Kim taking tons of shots, but as they peel away Kim smiles. He was wobbly, but he's recovering. Kim now takes Burkman's back, and they go to the ground. Burkman corrects as he goes to his back, and he flirts with a guillotine. Bad news is, it's not there, and Kim is in side control, once again with Burkman in a rotten position to try and get anything going. Kim adjusts, and he's got Burkman in a bad spot. Got him in an arm's tight, and Burkman turning bright red. It looks like he's going out. He is out! The referee stops the fight. Incredible stuff by the Stun Gun.

UFC 187 official results: Dong Hyun Kim def. Josh Burkman via submission (arm triangle) at 2:13 of R3.

John Dodson vs. Zach Makovsky
Round 1: Herb Dean is the ref for the final fight on the prelims. They touch gloves. Makovsky sloops down and looks for an opening, and Dodson pops him with an overhand strike. Dodson in the southpaw stance, swings a leg kick. Dodson moving in flicking his right hand out there. Now he backs up. A nice exchange at center, which Dodson capitalized on through the break with a knee. Straight left hand from Makovsky. Now Makovsky fakes a punch and tries to get a takedown, but Dodson was already in another area code by the time he came in. These cats are fast. Against Makovsky goes low trying for a single leg, but Dodson scoots out with a parting shot. Head kick by Makovsky doesn't have much behind it. Nice right hand there that snapped Dodson's head back. Makovsky moves in and in the (very brief) clinch lands a knee. As Dodson comes in Makovsky hits him again. The counters are lively from the former Bellator champ. Makovsky mixing it up, too. Another high-low there, with attempt for takedown. And he lands another right. Dodson with a kick, and Makovsky catches it, spins him away. Dodson with a quick clinch and lands a knee. Makovsky doing a good job of avoiding the power of John Dodson. The round ends there. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Makovsky, 10-9

Round 2:
Dodson quick to center, and Makovsky nicks him with a left hand. Dodson in the next exchange gets off a kick to the body and a nice follow-up punch to the head. Makovsky with a quick one-two, and he landed the back shot there with a left hand. Leg kick from Dodson ends up creating a skirmish on the fence, as they clinch. Dodson got the better of Makovsky there. Leg kick from Makovsky, but he catches a counter from Dodson's left right on his chin. That was staple-gun speed. Dodson with a great body shot, and he just misses with the right hand. Dodson initiates, and catches Makovsky with a solid left. Makovsky still searching for an opening to take Dodson down. He is still faking it. Dodson whirs a left hand by Makovsky's, and his moment carried him across the cage. Dodson wanted to end it right there. High kick from Makovsky lands on Dodson. Inside leg kick from Makovsky, and as Dodson returns fire Makovsky takes him down for a moment. Right back up, and this time Dodson picks Makovsky up and slams him down! They go to work there, each searching for the other's heel. Nothing doing. Dodson gets up, and Makovsky follows him. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Dodson, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

Round 3: Dodson was all smiles between rounds. Makovsky's coach Firas Zahabi said treat it like it's 1-1. They hug to start the round, and Dodson' laughs. Right back to action, as Dodson tries to time out a left hand. He comes in again and eats a straight right hand. They're like electrons bouncing off each other. Another exchange in the middle, and Makovski got tagged a bit on the break. So much action happens in that brief moment when they separate. Makovsky threatens takedown which gives Dodson happy feet. Dodson runs forward throwing punches, but can't connect clean. He does it again, and his missed uppercut threw him off balance. They clinch, and Dodson pushes Makovsky to the cage, deploying knees the whole way. They break, and Dodson circles. The books in Vegas begin to rain down. Both guys fighting smart, but not overly cautiously. Makovsky ducks and tries to light Dodson up with a shot up top. Dodson that time landed a couple of short punches in an exchange, and Dodson with a shot to the body for good measure. Makovsky throws a kick, and that was caught —  Dodson pushes Makovsky to the canvas. He doesn't keep him there. Makovsky back on his feet and back to center. Neither man looks like he's going to make an emphatic statement for a chance at champ Demetrious Johnson, but Makovsky is trying to score a late takedown to help his cause. Can't get it. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Dodson, 10-9 (29-28 overall for Dodson)

UFC 182 official results: John Dodson def. Zach Makovski via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Rose Namajunas vs. Nina Ansaroff has been called off.

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