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Roger Gracie campaigns for shot at ONE Championship vacant light heavyweight title

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Roger Gracie wants to become the first ONE Championship 205-pound champion.

The Brazilian grappler scored the first knockout of his MMA career in his ONE debut in December, stopping James McSweeney in the third round, and told that he hopes to be back in action in a five-round fight for the light heavyweight gold.

"I asked them about it, but haven’t heard anything back yet," Gracie said of fighting for the vacant belt. "I fought one of their best guys in my ONE debut, so it was kind of good and bad at the same time. He was coming off back-to-back knockouts and was already close to fighting for the title, and now that I beat him there’s no one ahead of the others right now, so I don’t know.

"I’m putting some pressure, asking to fight for the title in my next fight. The title is vacant so let’s fight for it."

Gracie has yet to sign his next bout agreement, but hopes to be in ONE’s next show in Manila, which hasn’t been announced yet.

"We’re still looking at the best date to fight. There’s no date and opponent set yet. I’m waiting," he said. "They asked me a while ago about fighting in Singapore on May 22, but it’s too close and we couldn’t get anything done. I think about fighting at the next event in Manila. They always do the biggest cards in Manila, and I wanted to be in one of those events."

While he waits for his next MMA fight, the 10-time jiu-jitsu world champion is open to a return to Metamoris, but rules out competing at this year’s ADCC in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

"I talk to Ralek (Gracie) all the time. He said I can come back any time I want," Gracie said. "I told him I’m focused in fighting in MMA right now, but I still want to compete in the gi. We’ll see. It might happen. Nothing is set yet, but we are talking."

Roger Gracie competed only once under Metamoris rules, fighting to a draw with Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida at Metamoris’ first show in 2012.

"I’m open to fight anyone. I can fight anyone," Gracie said. "‘Buchecha’ would be interesting because we fought to a draw last time, so it would generate a lot of buzz and fans would like to watch it."