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Joe Rogan: 'It doesn't make sense' for Dana White to call Brendan Schaub a liar

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

The UFC's Reebok deal has everyone taking a side.

Two weeks ago, Brendan Schaub tweeted that he made six figures per fight from sponsors after finding out that he'd only garner $10,000 through the Reebok deal. UFC president Dana White responded in mocking fashion last week on TSN's Off the Record with Michael Landsberg.

White read a list of company names, some of them silly, that he said were Schaub's sponsors. White added sarcastically: "I'm sure this guy is making over $100,000 a fight."

Schaub appeared on Joe Rogan's fight companion podcast Saturday morning and said he stood by his numbers, but didn't want to get into a back-and-forth with White. Rogan, the UFC's lead color commentator, said what White did "doesn't make sense."

"If somebody called me a liar, I would release the papers," Rogan told Schaub. "If I knew that I had everything on paper that would show that I wasn't a liar. It doesn't make sense to call you a liar. It makes sense to ask you what you were getting paid and then, 'Well, can you send me that?' That's like a rational conversation. It gets irrational when someone calls you a liar when you know you're not a liar and you do have the tax returns. The rational response to that is to just show."

Schaub, 32, said he wasn't interested in making his tax returns public to prove how much he was making through sponsors, because he didn't think it benefited him with the UFC.

"I'm not lying," he said. "But it does nothing for me to prove this and do all this stuff, because first things first, I'm Team UFC, man. I wouldn't have this platform, I wouldn't have this fame, I wouldn't be able to make money that I'm doing now if it wasn't for Dana White and the UFC. I'm not anti-UFC in the least bit."

Schaub did say that White's list of sponsors was incorrect. He said that most of the names he read were off his banner -- not his actual sponsors. And one of them was just outright wrong.

"I just think he was misinformed," Schaub said. "Someone misinformed him. I've never even heard of that. That's not my sponsor. It's not even a sponsor I work with."

Rogan said it was "too late" for Schaub to not get into a "pissing contest," because it's already happening.

"You're in a pissing contest," Rogan said. "He pissed on you. I saw him on that Landsberg show. He basically pulled his d*ck out and peed all over you."

Schaub said he didn't want to be "the Tito Ortiz" of the UFC's Reebok deal. White has had a long-standing feud with Ortiz, the former UFC light heavyweight champion. He said if the Reebok uniform partnership benefits the organization in the long run, he's all for it.

"The UFC is no different than a Microsoft or an Apple," Schaub said. "You've gotta crack some eggs to make an omelet. There's gonna be some guys upset. But in the grand scheme of things, it might be better for the overall concept of all the UFC fighters. I don't know. Maybe I'm the exception."

Rogan disagreed. He said Schaub is not the exception at all.

"That's not true, though," Rogan said. "A lot of people don't like this deal. This is a deal that a lot of people have criticized.

"I don't know if he actually knew how much money guys like you who are very clever with your marketing and really good at promoting yourself how much they were making. He obviously didn't talk to you about it, so how could he know?"

Many managers of UFC fighters have come out against the UFC's Reebok deal, in which sponsorship money will be doled out based on amount of fights under the Zuffa banner. Fighters will not be able to wear any other sponsor besides Reebok in the Octagon, during fight week or during any other UFC related event.

Rogan said the rift between Schaub and White "drives me nuts."

"Dana called you a liar," Rogan said. "I know you're not a liar. I love Dana. He's been my friend for a long f*cking time. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even be working for the UFC. If he quit or the UFC got sold to someone else, I'd probably stop doing it. I really would."

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