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Gegard Mousasi: Michael Bisping 'overreacts' to callouts, but fight 'makes sense'

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday, Gegard Mousasi issued one of the more passive-aggressive fight callouts in recent memory.

At the UFC Fight Night 66 post-fight press conference, former Strikeforce and Dream light heavyweight champion was asked who he'd like to fight next, after Mousasi dismantled Costas Philippou earlier in the evening.

And while Mousasi wouldn't mind a trilogy fight with Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza, there's someone he has in mind for his next bout.

"I wanted ‘Jacare,'" Mousasi said. "The only one who makes sense is Michael Bisping."

There's a qualifier to Mousasi's callout, though.

"But let's not challenge him, because he overreacts," Mousasi said.

Either way, Mousasi (37-5-2), who won his second straight fight, believe two more wins puts him in line for a shot at Chris Weidman's middleweight title.

"I'm hoping to fight this year," Mousasi said.  I'd have three wins, and next year maybe one more fight and go for the title. I see myself going for the title, but there are guys ahead of me."

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