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Morning Report: Fear of leaked nude photos from ex-boyfriend pushed Ronda Rousey to do ESPN Body Issue

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Don't count on catching a glimpse of Ronda Rousey's cash and prizes any time soon.

Out promoting her new book Monday in New York, the UFC women's bantamweight champion explained how a creepy ex-boyfriend helped her transform herself into a villain.

"It's more of a defensive thing," Rousey told the 'Opie Radio' show on SiriusXM. "Writing the book, the whole, 'My Fight, Your Fight' thing has really forced me to be introspective and figure out why I do things the way I do. It was because of that one ex, we called him 'Snappers McCreepy,' because we caught him taking naked pictures of me. The first thing I did was take naked pictures for ESPN.

"If it's going to get out there, then I want it to get out there on my terms. The same thing with playing the heel. If people are going to dislike me it's because I sought for it to be that way."

Rousey says the incident took place just prior to her 2012 bout to challenge Strikeforce champion Miesha Tate in her bantamweight debut. Rousey would go on to armbar Tate in the first round to win the title and later, Submission of the Year.

Rousey appeared in ESPN's annual 'Body Issue' showcasing scantily clad athletes later that summer.

"It was right before my first title fight, actually," Rousey said. "It was like two weeks before and I was pumping out a lot of social media to try and get people to pay attention. He went to work and I stayed behind and was using his computer. I was downloading a picture off Facebook so I could put it on to Twitter. You know how it shows the preview of recent downloads?

"I was downloading something and then I just saw a bunch of ass! 'What is that?' It looked like it was amateurly taken. I had to look so I looked at it and it was all me."

According to Rousey, she retaliated by deleting his entire hard drive.

"You know when you're just comfortable naked around somebody?" asked Rousey. "Like you're just naked on the bed playing DragonVale on your phone? I brush my teeth naked. That was all, every single thing, all naked. I just thought he was on his phone texting people. He asked to take picture of me before and I was like, 'No, of course not.' He knew I didn't [approve]. That's why his name was Snappers McCreepy and if you read the book you can see how I reacted to said photos."

Along with her portrayal as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter 18, Rousey says the experience taught her some valuable promotional lessons.

"After I got out of there and dealt with that situation, the better way to do it is just like, 'You know what? If there's naked pictures out there, I'm going to go take naked pictures myself and I'm going to put it out there on my terms. If people aren't going to like me, then they're not going to like me on my terms. I'm going to be the most fantastical villain they've ever seen.

"There could be stuff on his phone. I don't know. It could come up any day, to be honest. That's one of the reasons I went and wrote this book. The truth is the best armor. Data and information is what power is right now. If I put everything out there then I really don't ever have to worry about anyone holding anything against me. I'd rather people find these things out from me then later."

Rousey defends her title to No. 1 contender Bethe Correia Aug. 1 at UFC 190 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via MegaMax.

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Artem Levin and Simon Marcus met in a rematch of a 2013 kickboxing bout that saw Marcus walk away with a decision victory. This time around, the two fighters surprised many viewers with the strategies they employed. Levin (known as more the pure kick boxer in this matchup) utilized the clinch on frequent occasion, something that Marcus is renowned for (having been a Muay Thai champion).


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