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Patricky Freire calls out Melvin Guillard, but says Bellator isn’t interested for now


As soon as former UFC star Melvin Guillard signed with Bellator, long-time Bellator veteran Patricky Freire went on Twitter to call him out. It looks like the promotion isn’t interested in the match-up for now, though.

"I tweeted that I wanted to welcome him to Bellator, but my manager Jorge Guimaraes got a text from someone at Bellator saying that they wouldn’t book this fight now," Freire told

"They said that they want to build him back up, since he’s coming off a loss. They didn’t say exactly that, but that’s what they meant. They want to bring him back up, and that this fight could happen in the future. They won’t give me this fight now."

A two-time lightweight tournament finalist, "Pitbull" was negotiating to return to the cage in May, but says that the promotion has pushed his fight back to June, and then July.

According to the Brazilian, he was offered a rematch with David Rickels at Bellator 139, but declined. Freire, who knocked "The Cavemen" out 14 months ago, wanted to avenge a loss to Derek Anderson instead, but won’t get that fight either.

"They offered me a fight with David Rickels in his city, like the first time, but I didn’t accept," he said. "I asked for a rematch with Derek Anderson. I lost that fight via decision in a fight I believe I won, but Derek Anderson declined to give me the rematch. And then they put John Alessio against Rickels, and I don’t have anyone else to fight."

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