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Morning Report: Rashad Evans and Kenny Florian discuss penalties for Jon Jones, including stripping his UFC title

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This time, something needs to be done about UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

That, being the general sentiment shared between UFC commentator Kenny Florian and former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans.

Jones allegedly ran a red light April 26, striking a car driven by a pregnant woman who suffered a broken arm. Jones is accused of fleeing the scene on foot. There was a marijuana pipe and marijuana found in the rental car Jones allegedly left behind.

A felony arrest warrant was issued Monday afternoon and Jones turned himself in to the Albuquerque Police Department Monday night. He was arrested on charges of leaving the scene of an accident involving death or personal injuries, but was later released on bail set at $2,500.

"I think cutting him from the UFC might be a little harsh," Florian said Monday on FOX Sports 1's America's Pregame. "I have a little bit of compassion. It seems like, if this is true, there's some kind of problem going on. He needs help and it needs to be legitimate help. It's not getting away for 24 hours. He needs to go out and get help.

"I think stripping [Jones] of the title is appropriate. Of course, if these allegations are true. I think cutting him may be a little harsh, but I would be for stripping him of the title and getting him to realize that there's repercussions."

Jones is due to defend his title to No. 1 contender Anthony Johnson May 23 at UFC 187, but Florian says he'd rather see the champion enter treatment, again.

"If this is true, I don't think he should be allowed to fight Anthony Johnson. He needs to go and get help. I think the UFC is probably, most likely looking to find a replacement for Jon Jones at this point. I think that's probably what's going to happen if these allegations are true."

Joining Florian Monday evening to co-host UFC Tonight, Evans echoed much of the same.

"First things first, you've got to hold Jones accountable," said Evans. "Jones needs to be accountable for this whole thing. He's a guy who's won eight title defenses, going on his ninth. What you do inside the cage doesn't necessarily translate to what you do outside the cage. His conduct outside the cage has been less than championship behavior.

"When you're doing stuff like running red lights, hitting people in a car and then running, fleeing on foot? You've got to be held accountable for that. I just wish he had someone to talk to him and reel him back in and say, 'Hey, buddy. You're blowing it.'"

Evans was a confidant and training partner to Jones during his rise to a title run, but left Greg Jackson's camp in 2011 when it was clear Albuquerque wasn't big enough for both of them.

"There's definitely something wrong here," said Evans. "Something's going on in his mind. You're four weeks out from the fight. The only thing that you should be worried about is training and getting ready for this fight. When you're going out trying to have a little party, it's not good. Something else is going on. Something is wrong.

"He does need to take some time away from the sport. Fighting is a privilege. It's not a right. When you start to forget that you're privileged by being able to compete, that's when you need to have a sitdown. That's when you take a break. That's when you need to have consequences that equal more than a slap on the wrist."



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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via Jace Barnett.

10 Reasons I Love to Watch and Respect Mighty Mouse

Yes, yes... we all know the reasons you aren't allowed to like Demetrious Johnson. He's too small. He's too short. Your seventh grade daughter outweighs him. He's "boring." He has no personality. Etc. etc. As much as I respect all that, and I don't -- here are ten reasons I absolutely love to watch Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson fight.

10. He's ridiculously fast!

I know big shocker there, but as much as some of you love watching power and bombs, I am in awe of his speed.

9. He's so smooth.

The way he transitions between various aspects of his game is just pretty. Even the way he capitalizes on his failures is smooth. Ever watch the guy shoot a single or double leg, miss badly, and then take his opponent's back? He does it all the time! Whereas most of his peers shoot, miss, take a deep breath, reset, and hope for another chance later.

8. He's incredibly well-rounded.

The only thing the guy doesn't do well is keep his opponents at bay with a long reach, but considering that he stands five foot three, I'm inclined to give him a pass here. Obviously, I'm in the minority.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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