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Morning Report: Jon Jones talks possible move to heavyweight, has parting words for Phil Davis

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

In addition to telling us he was 'losing money' working with Nike, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones opened up about his future on Andrei Arlovski's Google Hangout Thursday night.

Jones has flip-flopped on whether or not he'd be moving to heavyweight since 2013, but his latest stance has him sticking at 205 pounds.

"Honestly, probably not," Jones said of moving up. "As I get older I'm maturing a lot more. My weight cuts are becoming a lot more easy. I'm learning how to eat better. I'll probably be at light heavyweight for a long time."

Jones faces No. 1 contender Anthony Johnson May 23 at UFC 187 and said in March that he'd 'consider the division clear' after beating him.

"I'll probably go to heavyweight for one or two superfights at some point and then get back down to light heavyweight," Jones said.

Jones also spoke about staying motivated in the sport, saying he's gunning to break records held by former UFC champions Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre.

With nine wins in UFC title bouts, Jones trails both Silva (11) and St-Pierre (12). With a win against Johnson, Jones will tie St-Pierre's nine consecutive UFC title defenses. Silva still leads with 10.

"I mixed martial arts, I would say that Anderson Silva has been my biggest motivation and inspiration," Jones said. "Just because of the things he's been able to achieve, the records that he has. Sometimes I feel as if the journey's been long. When I start to think that way I remember that there have been people who have had the belt longer than I've had it. Who have defended it more than I've defended it. It makes me feel 'If they did it, there's no reason to be tired.'

"You've got to freaking muster it up and give it your all every time. Until I beat one of these guys' records I'm going to keep on pushing and give it all I've got."

Finally, Jones had some parting words for his old friend Phil Davis. A free agent, Davis announced Wednesday that he'd signed with Bellator MMA.

"Oh my goodness," said Jones. "'Mr. JV,' himself. To be honest, I'm happy for him if he's going to make more money over there. Ultimately, it's about providing for our families. It's a job at the end of the day. If he's going to be treated better over there, good for him.

"I do believe the competition is not as stiff at Bellator as the UFC so I think he'll definitely be a top three guy in the world now. Good for him. Maybe he'll even win it. To be a world champion and to make a little more money, that's a win-win. But good luck 'crumbling me like a cookie' from all the way over there."



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