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Carlos Condit, Thiago Alves welcome enhanced drug testing for UFC Fight Night 67

Gaspar Nobrega, Inovafoto

Carlos Condit and Thiago Alves will headline the UFC Fight Night 67 card in Goiania, and they are open to enhanced drug testing prior to the event.

When the UFC made official that a new drug-testing policy to take effect on July 1, the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) announced plans to follow the new rules for UFC events in Brazil.

Condit and "Pitbull" are slated to face off in a five-round main event on May 30, and both fighters told that they haven’t been told about the possibility of being tested before the event, but welcome the idea.

"They haven’t told me anything in particular, but I think it’s great that they are doing it," Condit said. "I love the sport and I would hate to see it wrecked by steroids and performance enhancing drugs. I’m all for it. Test me. I’m 100 percent a clean athlete. I’m happy that they are doing it."

"Nobody told me anything, but that’s part of the job," Alves said. "I will be ready, and I’m sure Condit will be too."

According to CABMMA chairman Rafael Favetti, the commission won’t kick off its new drug testing policy before the Brazilian Agency of Doping Control (ABCD) defines its protocol. For the UFN 67 card, the Brazilian commission has decided that, based on the fighters’ history, it wouldn’t be necessary to test them before the event.

Of the 11 bouts already official for UFN 67, Alves is the only fighter who tested positive for banned substances in his MMA career. In 2006, "Pitbull" tested positive for diuretics following a second-round knockout victory over Tony DeSouza at UFC 66.

On fight night, all fighters will be tested for illegal substances. Six fighters will be randomly selected to undergo enhanced testing for EPO.

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