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Morning Report: Dan Henderson would have liked to see Jon Jones face 'higher consequences' after his 'four hours of rehab'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Dan Henderson isn't a big fan of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Embroiled in the collateral damage of the beef between Jones and then No. 1 contender Daniel Cormier, Henderson was its biggest loser.

In return for being flung around the Octagon for three rounds before being choked unconscious by Cormier at UFC 173, Henderson was dismissed as a '50-60 year-old' man by Jones as he attacked his challenger's resume ahead of UFC 182.

Then, there was the whole 'Jones Jones going to rehab after testing positive for cocaine metabolites' thing.

Henderson said in January that he didn't have much respect for Jones as a person and it doesn't sound like that opinion has changed.

"Personally, Jon Jones ... I'm an advocate of MMA and representing the sport well and when you don't do that that's when I'm not really a big fan of you," Henderson told Rick Lee. "Jon, as being young or whatever it was, made some poor decisions. When he's in the spotlight of the UFC champ you're subject to higher standards.

"You need to follow through with that for yourself. At least make sure that you're doing everything to publicly portray the UFC and the sport well. When you don't do that, that's when I have a problem."

Admitting Jones to having been 'a bit of a handful' throughout his career, UFC president Dana White was largely supportive of Jones as he entered treatment.

When Jones was criticized for leaving rehab after only 24 hours, White defended him saying 'the truth will come out.'

When the truth came out that Jones did, in fact, leave rehab after only a day, White made an appearance on The Jim Rome Show to explain that Jones had passed a '24-hour evaluation' and that he was 'doing out-patient counseling.'

On Jan. 17 Jones was fined $25,000 by the UFC for violating the organization's Athlete Code of Conduct policy. He was never suspended.

"Yea, I think there should have been much higher consequences for that," said Henderson. "It doesn't teach anyone a lesson. It doesn't have the fans and public respect the UFC when they don't lay the hammer down a little bit. The UFC can still get behind him and push him to "clean up," but there still needed to be some sort of reprimand, also.

"Not just a little, 'Hey, we're behind you all the way. We're glad you're getting help. We're glad you went to rehab for 10 hours or four hours' or whatever it was. That's all it was. I think there could have been more."

Jones will defend his title to Anthony Johnson May 23 at UFC 187 in Las Vegas, Nevada.



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Whoops. After the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) announced earlier this week that all fighters who competed at the UFC Fight Night 62 event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil tested clean for banned substances it seems a 'communication error' led to Jorge Oliveira's positive test for stanozolol not being reported.

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Take your word for it.






Get well soon.






This Week in Struggle.

Another fail by me today lol

Posted by Georges St-Pierre on Thursday, April 9, 2015



Announced yesterday (April 9 2015)

Ronny Markes out, Dave Branch vs. Jesse McElligott at WSOF 20



Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via jaywolf1.

Masvidal-Iaquinta decision shows why ONE FC's judging criteria is superior for MMA.

By now you've seen the Jorge Masvidal vs. Al Iaquinta fight that led to the most hilarious (and probably embarrassing for UFC) post fight interview of all time.

Almost everybody who watched agreed that Masvidal won, except for the inept judges.

The judging incompetence and outdated 10 pt. must scoring system are to blame.

Dave Meltzer agrees in his excellent article, and suggests adding half-points.

HOWEVER, the problem is actually the 10 pt. scoring system ITSELF, because it's a system that's made for BOXING, not MMA.

What UFC truly needs is a scoring system tailored for MMA itself...

...and that scoring system already exists my friends, in the epic ONE FC (my personal favorite MMA promotion)

ONE FC's superior judging criteria is tailored specifically to MMA, like how it should be. If you've watched a ONE FC event, then you know, and if you haven't, well then this is just one more reason why you need to tune in.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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