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Conor McGregor on grabbing Jose Aldo's title: 'He blinked, and then I had the belt'

Esther Lin

After a week and a half on tour together, it figured Conor McGregor would have to come up with something big to attract headlines on the junket's final stop in Dublin on Tuesday.

Mission accomplished, as McGregor managed to steal the belt from the UFC featherweight champion and hoist it overhead, before UFC president Dana White managed to settle things down.

And if McGregor had any remorse for his acts afterwards, he sure wasn't showing it. In a video uploaded to the UFC's You Tube page, McGregor responded "He blinked, and then I had the belt. You blink, and then the next thing you know the belt is around my waist. I am fast."

White can corroborate that side of the story.

"Jesus Christ, this kid is fast," White said. "How the hell did he get past me and grab that belt that fast. He got past all of us. He was faster than I expected. Thank god he was grabbing the belt and not Jose."

As for Aldo, the disrespected, longtime champion seems to be happy that he's seen the last of Aldo until the week of July 11, when their highly anticipated title fight goes down in Las Vegas.

"I believe he just likes to play mind games," Aldo said in a translated quote. "He sees the crowd cheering for him and he goes to entertain them. But when the crowd isn't cheering for him, I see that he was more quiet. But it doesn't matter. He's just a clown doing what he does."

According to's Guilherme Cruz, Aldo ended his rant with a quote which went untranslated on the video. "He does those things when you're not paying attention," Aldo said. "But when he's face to face, he does nothing. He just grimaces. He's nothing but a piece of s---."

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