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Dan Hardy wants to return for two more fights; still wants piece of Josh Koscheck

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

If Dan Hardy has his way, he'll make another Octagon appearance or two.

The popular welterweight from Nottingham, England, hasn't competed since 2012. But at a fan Q & A in Ireland on Tuesday, Hardy indicated he'd like a couple more fights.

"I'd like a couple more," said Hardy, "I'd like maybe two more fights."

Hardy has settled into a role as color commentator on European UFC broadcasts and has drawn rave reviews for his work. But Hardy said he made his pitch to UFC president Dana White anyway.

"I've just been speaking to Dana backstage  and he's trying to convince me, ‘nah, you've got a career in commentary,'" Hardy said. "It's not the same, when I get in there interviewing them after their fights and I've got my arm around them, I'm feeling the energy they're putting off. I miss that, I miss all of this. Honestly, I'd love to fight again, yeah. Maybe two more."

Hardy had to retire following a win over Amir Sadollah in Nottingham on Sept. 29, 2012, which raised his record to 25-10 with 1 no-contest. Soon after the bout, he was diagnosed with a heart condition, which prompted his retirement. Hardy did not address whether anything has changed with his condition in the meantime.

Later in the session, Hardy was asked by a fan if he still wants to fight Josh Koscheck, with whom he's had harsh words in the past. Though Koscheck himself is expected to be on his way out, Hardy still wouldn't mind that fight.

"I would fight Koscheck at anything," Hardy said. "Under any rules, any game, any sport, any how, I don't mind. I've never saw eye-to-eye. I'd love to fight Koscheck. Diego Sanchez called me out the other day. There's always someone calling me out."

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