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Andre Pederneiras: Conor McGregor got out of Jose Aldo's head 'pretty quick'

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC 189 world tour is over, and Jose Aldo returns to Brazil after listening to Conor McGregor's constant attacks for days.

While fans wonder if McGregor got inside the champion’s head after several face-offs, and even stealing his belt during a press conference in Dublin, Aldo’s coach Andre Pederneiras disagrees. Sort of.

"Did Conor get into Aldo’s head? If he did, he got out pretty quick after seeing the bad things Aldo is thinking about doing with him," Pederneiras posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday. "Easy guys, everyone has a role in this fight. Dana (White) is in his role to promote, Conor to talk and Aldo to put a beating on fight night."

Aldo puts his title on the line for the eighth time against McGregor at UFC 189 in Las Vegas, and his coach is confident that the title won’t change hands.

"Aldo’s tour ended today. Now it’s time to train. The rest is joker’s joke," he said. "On July 11, you will all listen ‘and still UFC featherweight champion of the world, Jose Aldo Junior’."

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