Greatest UFC Moment: Jones/Cormier vs. Aldo/McGregor.

I know right now I'm titillated with Aldo/McGregor and the stealing of the belt, but overall, I'm digesting if that was the greatest moment in UFC history.

The hysteria around the Jones/Cormier fight, not the official fight, but rather the fight at the press conference was a real monster event. It was the pinnacle of what fighting is all about. It was sheer madness. It was out of control. Jones screaming like a freak at the end said to me at the time, this is one of the greatest moments in UFC history. It was off the rails. Oh yes, how the UFC suffered from the bad PR right? It was unscripted and for that time in history, it was the envy of the combat sports world. Who wouldn't want to piece of upcoming payday after that dust up?

Whelp, perhaps McGregor takes it with his belt stealing antics. You can't help it. It was FREAKING EPIC. I bet you've watched in about 10 times already. Aldo bests McGregor by putting his feet up on the table, but look out! Somebody just took your belt while you were clowning!

The crowd reaction and the shit storm on the stage says to me, right now, we have a new "greatest moment". This will most certainly be legend. Perhaps it's at legendary status already. It will be cherished. It will be remembered as one of the all time greatest and childish displays of bravado in combat sports. We've all done it. We've all taken a toy from a sibling or friend and jumped around with it while they ran after you. Some may have even cried as a result of your antics. The fact is what McGregor did was a throw back to what we all have experienced. What we can say, is that behavior is still alive and well and it also appears to be an ageless stunt. Oh boy did it ever work. Aldo played right into McGregor's hand on this one. The champ got clowned. That's the story here.

It was freaking epic. If you disagree, then check your pulse. You are not alive.