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Morning Report: Daniel Cormier says he can't promise he wouldn't 'lose his s**t' if he ran into Jon Jones

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Daniel Cormier might be getting over the loss, but he's certainly not done with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Jones scored a unanimous decision victory over Cormier in the main event at UFC 182. The bout enjoyed a months long buildup that included a very public brawl, 'leaked' interview trash talk and countless hurt feelings.

UFC 182 was the most successful event for the company since UFC 168, estimated to have done somewhere between 740,000 and 820,000 pay-per-view buys.

Even now while booked in a hometown main event against Ryan Bader June 6 in New Orleans, Cormier is focused on Jones.

"There is no relationship between Jon and I," Cormier told "He won. He won on January 3, but that's pretty much all that happened. Nothing changed. Nothing will change and we will fight again. We'll make sure the result is different."

With no beef squashed and nothing personal settled during their five rounds together, Cormier says he can't even be around the champion.

"We were in one place together since the fight and we didn't really talk or see each other or anything," Cormier said. "It's whatever. I don't really have any desire to talk to him or try to end things or anything. I don't really want to be around him because I don't know what's going to happen, honestly. I can't say that I would not lose my s**t if we were around each other."

Cormier had previously mentioned that his title shot against Jones would prove to redeem a disappointing Olympic wrestling run, but now admits he put entirely too much pressure on himself to beat the truly undefeated champion.

"There's no positive in losing," Cormier said. "That's fake. When people tell you that, that's a lie. They flat out lied to you. There's no positive in losing. There's learning in losing. I feel like I've learned from that loss.

"I put a lot on myself to win that fight. When you feel like you can't lose to someone there comes a lot of pressure. I put a lot of pressure on myself. I'm not going to do that again. I'm not going to put the pressure I did last time. It's another fight. Doesn't matter who it's against. Doesn't matter what it's for. It's just another fight."

Counting on a win against Bader, Cormier says he won't wait to start campaigning for another shot at Jones' title.

"Not very long," said Cormier. "I plan on mowing through [Ryan Bader] pretty good and I'm going to get back on that microphone and I'm going to scream at [Jones] again and tell him to fight me again. I said in that deal, 'This is a wrestling tournament.' I'm the kid who's always in the bracket.

"I mean that. He won the first match. This is only the first week. We have to wrestle again. This is the BIG 12's, there's still the NCAA championships. This isn't the end. We're going to be constantly competing against each other. It's only because him and I are are too good to stay separated. There aren't enough guys in that division to keep us from each other. We'll continue to compete against each other."



'That's the best he can do.' UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo says he wasn't fazed by Conor McGregor snatching his belt at the UFC's press conference yesterday in Ireland. 'Next time he's in front of me, I will beat the sh*t out of his face.'

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Huh. Ken Shamrock and Kimbo Slice will have to pass out-of-competition drug tests before they fight at Bellator 138.

Tough. The Arizona Boxing & MMA Commission has handed down an indefinite suspension with a "safety recommendation to stop competing" to a veteran fighter following WSOF 19.




World tour embedded episode 8.


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The Tour is over and everything goes back to normal, the belt goes back home with me where it belongs. That clown can touch it and even buy a fake one, but he'll never have the real thing! "I am the champion" I'm the greatest"


Even the pros are talking.


Response to Chael?


Not for everyone.


Get well soon.



@edblackhouse thanks for the care package buddy. I just ran out of TP, good looking out :)




Best seller.



Announced yesterday (March 31 2015)

Razak Al-Hassan vs. Virgil Zwicker at Bellator 137

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Fernando Gonzalez vs. Curtis Millender at Bellator 137

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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via Graham Douglas.

Greatest UFC Moment: Jones/Cormier vs. Aldo/McGregor.

I know right now I'm titillated with Aldo/McGregor and the stealing of the belt, but overall, I'm digesting if that was the greatest moment in UFC history.

The hysteria around the Jones/Cormier fight, not the official fight, but rather the fight at the press conference was a real monster event. It was the pinnacle of what fighting is all about. It was sheer madness. It was out of control. Jones screaming like a freak at the end said to me at the time, this is one of the greatest moments in UFC history. It was off the rails. Oh yes, how the UFC suffered from the bad PR right? It was unscripted and for that time in history, it was the envy of the combat sports world. Who wouldn't want to piece of upcoming payday after that dust up?


Check out the rest of the post here.


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