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Bethe Correia: Ronda Rousey ‘will need a shoulder to cry on after I beat her’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey says that beating Bethe Correia in Brazil "would be the best way I could really feel like I've vindicated my friends, to go to her hometown and beat her in her hometown". The 135-pound contender welcomes "Rowdy" with open arms.

At 3-0 under the UFC, including wins over Rousey’s teammates Jessamyn Duke and Shayna Baszler, Correia says that competing for the UFC gold in front of her countrymen would bring responsibility and pressure, and that’s exactly what she wants.

"It would be a dream come true to fight her in Brazil because I want to bring the title to Brazil," Correia told "I’m a patriot woman and I love to fight against foreigners, especially against Americans. I love to represent Brazil. I’m motivated by pressure and responsibility, I fight better this way, and I want to bring the UFC title to my country. It’s going to be wonderful.

"I beat her little friends in the United States, one of them in her hometown, so it’s a chance for Ronda to come try to avenge her losses," she continued. "Ronda got pissed that I beat them in front of her. I hope Ronda was a good friend, that she supported her friends when they lost to me, because she will need a shoulder to cry on after I beat her."

During an interview on the Jay Mohr Sports radio show this week, Rousey said she would give her the finger when finally meeting her Brazilian rival. Correia says that would be a terrible idea.

"I'm going to beat this chick at some point and I'm going to put a finger down and you should be not surprised which finger is left standing for her," Rousey said.

"She said she wants to teach me a lesson in Brazil, that she’s going to put a finger in my face – and we all know which finger. But I’ll tell you one thing. She is dealing with a woman with attitude this time," Correia responded. "I’m not Miesha Tate, who only laughed when she did that. If she comes with that, I will break her finger. I won’t let her do to me what she did to Miesha Tate. Don’t come to my country putting your finger in my face or you’re getting into trouble."

"Rowdy" needed a combined time of 96 seconds to beat her last three opponents in the UFC. Correia agrees that those wins over Cat Zingano, Alexis Davis and Sara McMann were impressive, but blames the challengers for bringing bad game plans to a title fight.

"Ronda is doing what she does best, but I also like to watch and study her opponents. I don’t focus only on Ronda, but also on what the other girls are doing wrong, which leads to Ronda winning so fast," she said. "It’s not only about Ronda’s efficiency, but her opponents’ mistakes as well. They rush guns blazing against Ronda, and that helps her use her judo. Or they just stand back, afraid. They all made mistakes against her. I know how to stop her. I won’t make the same mistakes."

The UFC has yet to announce Rousey’s next fight, but the undefeated Brazilian is confident that she’s going to be the next woman inside the Octagon against the dominant champion.

"I don’t think any men or women did what I’m doing to get a title fight in the UFC," Correia said. "I’m beating everyone they put in front of me, I’m calling her out. I created a story in the UFC. The champion wants to fight me. I want to fight her. I’m just waiting for the UFC to send me the date and location, and you will see what’s about to happen."

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