Aldo/Mcgregor pre-fight tour, Sad and pathetic...

I would really like to get opinions from the mma community on this, has anyone else found this whole pre-fight tour embarrassing, petty and sad?. headlines such as ''dana white says mcgregor slapped aldo'', ''aldo says that didn't happen'', 'mcgregor swipes belt form aldo'' and ''aldo says that's all conor can do'' is bringing me down. Makes me realize the gap between children and adults isn't always a large one.

I know they have to hype the fight and gather interest but at what point does it become just plain sad? I'm having trouble seeing a difference between this and high school girls fueding with each other. It would be great if dana white or a ''higher up'' came out and said ''you're embarrassing yourselves, the company and insulting the fans'' but unfortunately mr. White is probably enjoying every moment of this. Even if these two fighters absolutely hate each other, shouldn't we not reward this type of behavior and show more praise for ''good pre-fight actions''? shouldn't we expect more from companies and our selves? So am i in the minority on this one? or does anyone else think this has a dirty cheap feel to it all? thanks in advance on all your opinions (whether we agree or not)