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Arizona issues 'safety recommendation' for one fighter to retire after brutal WSOF 19 loss

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Twelve fighters received extended medical suspensions in the aftermath of World Series of Fighting 19, including lightweight headliners Justin Gaethje and Luis Palomino, according to information released to by the Arizona Boxing & MMA Commission.

Gaethje and Palomino both sported a myriad of injuries from their ‘Fight of the Year' candidate brawl, which Gaethje won by third-round TKO to retain his WSOF lightweight belt. Palomino will now be forced to receive clearance on his left knee, ankle, thigh, and right hand before returning to competition, while Gaethje will be forced to do the same for his right brow and right foot.

The most curious note from the event's medical suspension report came from the undercard though. Eric Regan, a 31-year-old regular of the Arizona fight scene, was given an indefinite suspension by the ABMC along with a "safety recommendation to stop competing."

Regan (15-25) suffered a brutal head kick knockout at the hands of Matthew Frincu at WSOF 19. A common sight at Rage of the Cage events, Regan is infamous for being absurdly durable and sucking opponents into brawls. His style doesn't often translate to wins though, and he's now lost eight of his last nine contests.

WSOF 19 took place March 28 at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, AZ.

The complete WSOF 19 medical suspension report can be found below.

  • Eric Regan: Indefinite suspension; safety recommendation to stop competing
  • Luis Palomino: 60-day suspension for TKO; needs orthopedic clearance on left knee, ankle and thigh; needs clearance on right hand; cut to left eye brow
  • Justin Gaethje: 45-day suspension for right eyebrow, right foot; X-rays needed
  • Teddy Holder: 45-day suspension for CT scan of head; needs ophthalmologist and neurologist clearance
  • Ed West: 45-day suspension for TKO and cut to left eye
  • Joe Gigliotti: 45-day suspension for cut to right eyebrow
  • Brendan Tierney: 45-day suspension for TKO, right upper lip and left orbital hematoma
  • Erik Villalobos: 45-day suspension for cut on left eyebrow
  • Joe Madrid: 45-day suspension due to cut on forehead
  • Thiago Silva: 30-day suspension for TKO
  • Benny Madrid: 30-day suspension, need X-ray on right elbow
  • Israel Aquino: 30-day suspension; need X-ray on left hip