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Burt Watson, the 'Babysitter to the Stars,' parts ways with UFC

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The longtime "Babysitter to the Stars," Burt Watson, has parted ways with the UFC. The longtime site coordinator announced his departure via Twitter on Tuesday.

Watson wore many hats with the UFC, but was generally considered the glue behind the curtain for the live events and throughout fight week. His trademark yell -- "We rollin' to the hole, baby!" -- was common to hear down the corridors of whichever venue the UFC happened to be at. He was also responsible for many of the fight week tasks, such as making sure fighters were on weight, issuing gloves, and taking care of protocols.

After a 14-year run in the UFC, as well as a stint working with boxing icon Joe Frazier first as a runner, then as his manager circa 1985-1995, Watson has become a fight game staple. Not only was he the support for fighters, but he was used to rouse up the crowd before the weigh-ins at a UFC show. His real task, though, was motivation. Watson would give the fighters pep talks about "why we do this." His signature, though, was revving up the competitors before they were to take the cage. He was known to energize the fighters before they made the walk.

In the course of his career, Watson was beloved by the fighters themselves, many of whom have been vocal on Twitter expressing their farewells.

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