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Jose Aldo denies being slapped by Conor McGregor

Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

Jose Aldo has a different story for his recent "altercation" with Conor McGregor in Toronto.

According to UFC president Dana White, the featherweight champion was "crazy" after McGregor slapped his back before a morning show in Canada.

"(A producer was) trying to put Conor McGregor in a seat behind [Aldo] and Conor McGregor reached over and slapped Aldo's back," White said. "And now Aldo is crazy and doesn't want to do most the stuff we have to do today. It's been fun."

However, according to Aldo, White never saw what exactly happened.

"We went to a studio early in the morning for a live show, and we already stared at each other as soon as (McGregor) arrived," Aldo told UFC. "I was sitting in the couch with Dana, and he sit behind me. He pulled my jacket, so I immediately stood up. Dana turned, separated us and apologized. There was no slap. He pulled my jacket. That’s what happened. It looks like Dana said that he slapped me, but he didn’t even see it."

Aldo, who attended Brazil’s friendly match versus Chile at the Emirates Stadium in London on Sunday, will meet McGregor for two more days in the UFC 189 world tour, for a press conference in London on Monday and a fan event in Dublin on Tuesday.

Aldo and McGregor headline Las Vegas’ UFC 189 on July 11 for the featherweight championship.

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