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Seth Petruzelli instructs Ken Shamrock on how to knock out Kimbo Slice

There aren't many things Seth Petruzelli has an expertise in when it comes to MMA compared to Ken Shamrock. Other than dying hair two different shades, the only thing Petruzelli has done in the cage that Shamrock hasn't is knock out Kimbo Slice. And that's especially appropriate right now.

Shamrock meets Slice in a seven-years-in-the-making main event of Bellator 138 on June 19 in St. Louis. In this funny video, Petruzelli attempts to instruct Shamrock on how to defeat Slice.

"I don't know if you've noticed this or not, but Kimbo has this beard," Petruzelli said. "And at the very beginning of that beard is his chin. And his chin is weak."

Shamrock was supposed to fight Slice, the wildly popular YouTube streetfighting phenom, at EliteXC: Heat on Oct. 4, 2008. But Shamrock sustained a cut on his face before the fight and Petruzelli stepped in on short notice. The rest, of course, is history. Petruzelli knocked Slice out, handing the bearded wonder his first MMA loss and putting EliteXC out of business in the process.

Neither Slice nor Shamrock have fought in MMA since 2010, but Bellator is bringing them both out of retirement for this grudge match. Shamrock is 52 years old and Slice is 41.

"Why don't I just take him down and punish him for a round and a half?" Shamrock told Petruzelli in the video. "And retire him.

"I want him to just say to the crowd and everybody, 'I quit, I give up, uncle.' And then I can go 'snap, crackle' and the end of Kimbo Slice."

Shamrock, one of the pioneers of MMA and a UFC Hall of Famer, said he helped gave Petruzelli, his protégé, the chance against Slice the first time and he exposed him.

"Now it's my turn to finish the job," Shamrock said. "Don't miss this. It's gonna be fun."

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