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WSOF 19 weigh-in video

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At the WSOF 19 weigh-ins, all 18 fighters taking part in Thursday night's WSOF 19 fights will step on the scale Friday evening, and we'll have the live video here at

In the main event, Justin Gaethje and Luis Palomino will have to make the lightweight limit of 155 pounds.

The WSOF 19 weigh-in takes place at 7 p.m. ET, and the video is above.

Check out the WSOF 19 weigh-in results below.

Main card (NBC Sports at 9 p.m. ET)
Justin Gaethje (154.2) vs. Luis Palomino (154.7)
Thiago Silva (205.6) vs. Matt Hamill (205.7)
Ed West (135.6) vs. Timur Valiev (136)
Jake Heun (205.1) vs. Teddy Holder (204.3)

Undercard (MMA Fighting at 6:15 p.m. ET)
Clifford Starks (201.3) vs. Eddie Arizmendi (204.4)
Benny Madrid (156) vs. Jimmy Spicuzza (155.1)
Joseph Giglioti (180.6) vs. Brendan Tierney (180.8)
Andres Ponce (135.8) vs. Juan Archuleta (135.6)
Dan Huber (185.5) vs. Israel Aquino (184.3)
Matthew Frincu (169.9) vs. Eric Regan (169.4)
Joe Madrid (136) vs. Erik Villalobos (135.3)