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CABMMA chairman: Drew Dober has 15 days to appeal UFC Fight Night 62 loss

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Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Referee Eduardo Hendy stole the show on UFC Fight Night 62 with a controversial stoppage on the preliminary card, but the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) won’t comment the case for now.

Herdy awarded Leandro Silva a submission victory when he thought Drew Dober had passed out with a guillotine choke, but replay showed that wasn’t the case.

CABMMA chairman Rafael Favetti spoke with following the bout, and explained that Dober has 15 days to file an appeal and try to overturn the loss to a no-contest.

"Every fighter that loses a fight has the right to appeal if they feel they have a case," Favetti told "In any fight, you have the right to appeal explaining why the result should change. For now, we have nothing. For now, the referee’s decision stands."

Asked if he believes Dober was really out, Favetti declined to comment.

"I’m the one who judges the cases, so I can’t make comments on that right now," he said. "As the judge of the case, it’s super simple. We have details that might change or not the result to a no-contest. If that’s not the case, the fight is good. So I can’t talk now or I’ll be suspect when I judge it."

For now, Silva’s second-round submission over Dober stands, and he improves to 18-2 as a MMA fighter.