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RFA and Legacy Fighting Championships to stage co-promoted event of superfights

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Who says there can't be co-promotion in mixed martial arts?

Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA) and Legacy Fighting Championships have agreed to a co-promoted live event on May 8 that will feature bouts with fighters from one organization battling the other. The event will take place on May 8 and air on AXS TV as part of the AXS TV FIGHTS franchise. The event is being labeled AXS TV FIGHTS: RFA VS. LEGACY SUPERFIGHT.

"We've been broadcasting MMA on AXS TV for over a decade and this is one of the biggest events in our history of combat sports," said Andrew Simon, CEO of AXS TV FIGHTS via press release. "I have been looking forward to the day AXS TV promotions would work together to promote an all-star card like this. RFA versus Legacy features three title fights including the much dreamed about champion versus champion match-up. Thank you to the fighters, RFA and Legacy for making this historic night come together."

The event will be headlined by a flyweight superfight between RFA champion Alexandre Pantoja and Legacy champion Damacio Page. According to the release, "the winner of this match will receive a one-of-a-kind superfight belt, prominently featuring AXS TV, RFA and Legacy."

In addition, two co-main events will also feature intra-organizational title fights as RFA bantamweight champion Luke Sanders defends his title opposite RFA contender Terrion Ware. The vacant Legacy lightweight champion will be crowned in a bout between Legacy contenders Dave Burrow and Mike Bronzoulis.

The full main card is as follows:

RFA's Alexandre Pantoja vs. Legacy's Damacio Paige
RFA's Luke Sanders vs. RFA's Terrion Ware
Legacy's Dave Burrow vs. Legacy's Mike Bronzoulis
RFA's Jan Jorgensen vs. Legacy's Joe Cason
RFA's Bojan Velickovic vs. Legacy's Charles Byrd
RFA's Adam Townsend vs. Legacy's Chris Feist
Legacy's Brian Hall vs. TBD RFA fighter

"Working with Andrew Simon and Mick Maynard, we will produce the first true promotion versus promotion MMA show and Superfight," Ed Soares, President of Resurrection Fighting Alliance, said through release. "Alexandre Pantoja versus Damacio Page is an exciting pairing for the inaugural AXS TV FIGHTS Superfight title, and I am eager to see how Luke Sanders handles his first ever bantamweight title defense against a dangerous Terrion Ware."

"We are excited to be a part of a series that is the first of its kind," said Mick Maynard, CEO of Legacy Fighting Championship via press release. "Both of our organizations have been instrumental in catapulting fighters to the next level in their careers for the last several years and this will be an even more entertaining and unique way to continue that legacy. Many have talked the talk, Legacy and RFA will now be walking the walk."