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Bobby Lashley signs long-term contract extension with Bellator

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Looks like crossover star Bobby Lashley knows what the future holds. And it's more of the same for the pro wrestler-turned-mixed martial artist.

On Friday, Bellator announced it had signed the 38-year-old Lashley to a long-term contract extension. The heavyweight Lashley -- who first fought for current Bellator president Scott Coker in the now-defunct Strikeforce -- fought twice for Bellator in 2014. He scored submission victories over Josh Burns and Karl Etherington.

Lashley also recently re-signed with the pro wrestling organization TNA, where he returned to in 2014 after a stint on the independent circuit. Earlier this year, Lashley ceded his TNA World Heavyweight Championship to Kurt Angle. Lashley became a star in the world of wrestling during the mid-2000s with the WWE and later the ECW.

As a mixed martial artist, Lashley has gone 12-2 since debuting in late-2008. Lashley began wrestling competitively at 12 years old, and won three national championshops at Missouri Valley College.

"I've had two fights with Bellator, and I'm happy to be calling the promotion my home," Lashley said in the press release announcing his extension. "Scott Coker and the company have really reignited my desire to fight and I'm looking forward to a huge year with some dominant wins."

Lashley trains American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Fla., as well as his own ATT gym in Denver, Colo.