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Bethe Correia: 'Selfish' Ronda Rousey not a good champion for the UFC

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

LOS ANGELES -- Bethe Correia flew all the way to Brazil to challenge Ronda Rousey. UFC president Dana White said Correia wanted to get in the Octagon after UFC 184 and get in Rousey's face.

That did not happen. But Correia had some choice words for Rousey before Rousey's 14-second armbar finish of Cat Zingano on Saturday night at Staples Center.

Correia said that she did not believe Rousey was a good champion and representative of the UFC.

"She did a good thing that was bringing the UFC the female fights," the Brazilian said through a translator. "She convinced Dana to do it. But I don't think she's a good champion. I think she's really selfish. She just thinks about herself, about making movies, dressing well, showing up. I'm not gonna be like this, I'm gonna be a real champ. I'm gonna do something for the people. I'm gonna be the people's champ."

Correia (9-0) traveled all the way from Brazil this week in hopes of being granted a title shot after the UFC 184 main event. That did not happen as Rousey said she will be filming a movie after the bout. There's no timetable left for her return. Correia, 31, has won three straight in the UFC and been incredibly vocal. She believes she has done enough to earn the opportunity against Rousey.

"I'm waiting for the UFC to decide," Correia said. "I'm ready. I've done everything that's possible in my way. I fought everyone. I challenge everyone. Dana White wants me to samba? Maybe I can do a little samba if that's what you want. I can do everything that is possible to me, because I really, really want this fight."

Jessica Eye was also in LA this week campaigning for a title shot. She's coming off a devastating TKO of Leslie Smith at UFC 180 in November. Eye exploded Smith's ear with a single punch. But Correia does not think Eye has done enough, citing just one win in the UFC and her being suspended for drug use after a win over Sarah Kaufman two years ago.

"I think I am the one that deserves the title shot," Correia said. "I made the campaign. I made everything. Ronda also called me out and I think I deserve this. I'm here to get what I deserve."

Correia said she tweets at UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby and White regularly. But there is nothing to officially announce.

"Every day I challenge Ronda, I ask for the fight," Correia said. "I'm gonna do whatever it takes. I already feel like the champ. I don't feel like Ronda is the champ. I feel like I'm the one that is the champ and all that is missing is the belt. I'm going to do whatever it takes. I'm going in there to kill her, spank her, to kick her ass. If it is what it takes, I'm gonna do it."

Correia has defeated two of Rousey's friends, Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke, and Rousey has taken notice of it, mentioning Correia's name on more than one occasion. On Saturday night, Rousey said after beating Zingano that she's interested in stopping Correia's undefeated streak. Correia is just waiting for her to try.

Rousey (11-0) is the most dominant women's champion ever with 10 first-round finishes in 11 career fights. No one has come even close to threatening her and Correia would be a huge underdog in a fight with her.

Not that "Pitbull" really cares.

"She has what is mine: the belt," Correia said. "So this is what I have against her. This is why I'm doing all of this stuff, because I really want this belt. I really want to get this belt for me."

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