It's time to talk fence grabbing. Case in point: Matt Brown vs. Johny Hendricks

Do you hear that sound? That noise? Actually you hear nothing. Not a whisper. Not a word was spoken about the blatant fence grab that occurred in the Hendricks vs. Brown fight. Nobody even asked Dana White about it. Imagine that. Not a sound, a whisper, a complaint, a ripple.

I can recall one absolutely incredible fence grab that Brown had in this fight. It was just about the longest fence grab I've ever seen. Johny must have been wondering WTF!? Hendricks wouldn't know at the time what was going on other than he was having to really exert energy to no avail.

The goat horns belong to the refs. Here is what I would say to them. "Don't you get it? Striker vs. strong wrestler? What do you think is going to happen in this fight. What do you think Brown might do when he's hoisted onto Johny's shoulder?"....Duh, golly I have no idea. As a ref I would have no idea why I might want to be in a position to remedy the situation. Um, sort of like when the bell is about to end the round, the ref is ready to grab the guys. What's the issue with standing near the fence... IN ANTICIPATION OF A FENCE GRAB OCCURRING? I see, this is far too logical. It's far better to say after the fact not to do it. Like the saying goes in Dora the Explorer, Swiper no swiping. Swiper no swiping! Yeah, no shit Sherlock, but what is Swiper going to do?

It's not a slight against Brown. It's a fighters reflex. The ref needs to be proactive. It's 2015 and the cage has been around for how long? Yet after all this time, the refs still don't get it. They have no clue apparently. To me, this has to end. Enough with the pathetic warning about the sun being hot and water being wet. Yeah, don't grab the fence. Imagine how stupid this sounds. Once again, no shit Sherlock. Grabbing the fence to deny a throw is a big game changer. Refs should face some sort of scrutiny for the pathetic enforcement of the rule.

However, be quiet, very quiet. You might hear a peep from somebody about the fence grabbing of Brown. Perhaps, but perhaps it was just the passing of wind and not some sort of objection from the audience or the people who oversee the sport. How about we move past the educating of the fighters in the cage during the fight that water is wet, the sun is hot and ice is cold. For once I want to hear a fighter respond with a, "oh thanks ref, thanks for the reminder that I shouldn't grab the fence to save myself from being tossed."