And the... new greatest fighter of all time, Georges St-Pierre. He's the benchmark to judge all others.

What a heck of a situation the sport of MMA finds itself in. Let's clear this up right away. Either you believe that Anderson Silva used PEDs for the first time EVER for this Diaz fight, or you believe that it must have been part of his "training regiment" for fights previously. It's either or. I'm going to speak to those fans of the sport who believe that this is not the first time that Silva has used PEDs. It has become quite clear, I think at this point, that PEDs are the norm as much as fans might want to disbelieve it.

There is only one fighter out there who spearheaded a crackdown on PEDs. His name is Georges St-Pierre. It makes me think one thing. This guy fought clean. He took himself out of the sport primarily because he felt it has become infested with PED use. That was a noble and mightily courageous move. He has stuck to his guns and just look how things have gone. Make you go, hmm. Doesn't it?

So to me, GSP was always behind Silva. Some might even put GSP behind Fedor. However, given the circumstances, I think we should speak of GSP as being the greatest fighter of all time. Of course the argument is going to be that there is no proof that Silva used during his career. The same could be said for GSP. Did he suddenly reform and stop? Or is it more reasonable to think he fought clean. As pioneers like the Shamrock's have mentioned, PEDs become a crutch that you cannot escape.

GSP has never been found guilty of using PEDs. In that sense, he should be idolized. He should be that athlete that mma fighters aspire to. He should be considered the best of all time, because without further evidence, he has done the most in MMA without being proven to be PEDs at some point during his career. Fedor will be discussed naturally, but please let's not get into that right now.

There is always that sliver of possibility that Anderson Silva fought his career clean. It's always a possibility and in some instances, people deserve the benefit of the doubt. Silva may come out and say this was his first time ever using. That might help his cause, who knows. I just know that to say the greatest UFC fighter or greatest MMA fighter of all time happened to test positive for PEDs? That doesn't help the credibility of such a statement. If you're the greatest of all time, you wouldn't resort to a PED for only one performance. In a sense Silva has relinquished his title as being the greatest of all time.

Imagine GSP's words right now, in his subtle French accent, "See guys, I told you so".