Mike Dolce isn't arrogant, it's just that he's right. He is the unsung hero of the sport of MMA.

I've watched most, if not all the Dolce interviews on the MMA hour. Something stuck me today though. This guy is not arrogant. Nor is he smug. The fact is that Dolce Knows. He needs a new shirt, "Dolce Knows" or "Dolce told you so, but you didn't listen", etc. Create your own, it's fun!

He's right. It would seem that being able to cut weight effectively is a GIGANTIC part of success in the sport. Lower weight class, smaller opponents, and less damage. The question really though becomes whether you can get to a lower weight and still be effective. It's clear that Dolce makes it happen for guys. What is his expertise worth? It's worth bigger payouts, a longer career, more energy come fight time, and a healthier existence after years of fighting and cutting weight.

We've seen two BRUTAL examples over this past weekend just how bad weight cutting can be. Beyond that, it's been a common theme recently. Did anyone else notice? Brutal weight cuts contribute to losing fight and or getting your face smashed because you're weaker than you hoped in the fight. If the UFC deems you unable to make weight, you're getting booted from that weight class. If that isn't a sobering thought, what would be?

Obviously Dolce can't be everywhere. I think though, he cleared up the Kelvin situation very clearly. Beyond that, it's what I expected. It sounded to me, that Kelvin was upset at Dolce for not being there for him. However, as Dolce said, he isn't a weight cutting guy. He's about getting these fighters on board far before the weight cut. Sure, you want to bring in Dolce for that last minute save? The guy is too smart for that. His brand is about success. Coming into a camp at the last minute is going to jeopardize his brand and credibility.

For those dumping on Dolce or thinking he's some arrogant know-it-all, he's not arrogant. The fact is he's right and he knows better than any fighter regarding what they need to be doing in order to have maximum success. From the outside, I can't grasp why more UFC athletes aren't utilizing Dolce, if he's able to take them on. Perhaps he's not available. However, paying him whatever percentage would be the more intelligent decision possible. We have seen those fighters who need Dolce along their side, yet they haven't done so.

Dolce knows, but he's not going to point fingers at these particular fighters. He wants the best for them. They have to see his value. He's not going to walk around saying, "I told you so". However, we know that deep down inside, Dolce knows.