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UFC 184 undercard live blog: Munoz vs. Carneiro, more

Mark Munoz vs. Roan Carneiro headline the UFC 184 undercard Saturday night.
Mark Munoz vs. Roan Carneiro headline the UFC 184 undercard Saturday night.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 184 undercard blog for the UFC 184 event at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

There will be six fights on the UFC 184 undercard. Mark Munoz vs. Roan Carneiro, Roman Salazar vs. Norifumi Yamamoto, Dhiego Lima vs. Tim Means, Derrick Lewis vs. Ruan Potts, James Krause vs. Valmir Lazaro, and Masio Fullen vs. Alexander Torres will be featured.

Check out the UFC 184 undercard live blog below.

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Masio Fullen vs. Alexander Torres
Round 1: Herb Dean is the ref to kick off UFC 184 in Los Angeles. They touch them up, and Torres runs right into a big shot and that staggers him. Fullen pedals around and looking to set up. He gets hit with a leg kick. Clinch in the middle, and Torres with a parting shot. Fullen comes in with a combo, and throws a high kick which doesn't land flush. Torres so far not able to get close to take the thing own to the ground. Now Torres lands a huge shot that backs Fullen up! Big shot, and now Torres is rolling forward winging bombs. He's trying to put Fullen away, but so far Fullen is surviving -- and now he lands a good straight punch. What a sequence. Now Torres lulls back to center and resets, maybe a little fatigued after the onslaught. Now Fullen looks recovered, and he moves in with a combo and lights up Torres with a a couple of solid punches and a kick. Fullen gets caught with a shot as he peels away, and he is on skaes! Big shot again. Once again Torres is moving forward to try to set up the endnotes, but he gets taken down by the hurt Fullen. What a round. Now Fullen is the one working the ground and pound, and he is landing from Torres' guard. He postures and stands up, and now both men do. Spinning high kick from Fullen glances on Torres' head, and he lunges forward with counters. Crazy round. Wow. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Torres, 10-9.

Round 2: Fullen quickly to center, and Torres with the clinch. He rolls Fullen to the fence, and has underhooks. He's trying to maneuver things to the ground, but so far Fullen isn't budging. Torres sneaking the occasional short punch through on the fence, as he toils. Fullen hitting at the body, working the kidney area, but not much behind the blows. On the break, Torres lands a nice elbow. Back to center. Fullen comes forward with a flying knee, nothing doing. Torres slips away from a punch and clinches. They are back on the fence, with Torres posting his weight on Fullen, trying to spin him to the ground -- can't do it. Torres again with a parting shot as they break. Good fight. Tactical change here for Torres in the second, who this time shoots for a double-leg, but Fullen thwarts. Great right hand counter from Fullen. Torres ate that one. This time Fullen ties up Torres and they waltz to the fence, where Fullen lands a couple of in-close shots before the break. High kick from Fullen. Torres rocking back on his heels a bit and huffing some air. Fullen is the aggressor here late in the second. High kick, doesn't land from Fullen. Uppercut from Fullen, but Torres moves out of the way. Torres lands a nice shot there, just to let Fullen know he's still there. But the end of the round sees Fullen come forward with a barrage on the fence. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Fullen, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

Round 3: Torres' corner said told him they thought it was 1-1, and I believe that to be the case. They want jabs to set up the big shots. We'll see. Torres smiling as he comes out, and they share a hug at center. Wow, they are planting and swinging, and each man ate a couple of shots right in the pocket before Torres peeled out of there. Fullen with a nice combination, and he lands on the last couple of shots. He is holding center. Torres comes in and lands a shot, and now he eats a big left. Nice exchange there, and blood from Torres nose. Big flying knee from Fullen! That hit right into the body of Torres, and he was hurt. Again Torres walks into a punch, just as he did to start the fight. Torres shoots for a double-leg, and again Fullen thwarts the attempt. Torres stays with it, and now they are in the clinch on the fence. Dean says he wants them to work. Torres still working for the takedown, but so far can't get it done -- and now Fullen shoves him aside. From center, Torres once again slams into Fullen and pushes him up on the fence. He has Fullen's wrists, but can't get much. Torres pushing the action, and once again shoots for a takedown -- and this time gets it, but only momentarily. Fullen back up. Fullen grabbed the fence, and Dean stops the action to warn him. They go back at it, and Torres toils on fence. That's it. Great fight to kick off the card. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Fullen, 10-9 (29-28 overall for Fullen)

UFC 184 official results: Masio Fullen def. Alexander Torres via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

James Krause vs. Valmir Lazaro
Round 1: Big John McCarthy is the referee. Inside leg kick exchange to get going. Lazaro from Nova Uniao stalks forward. He lands another leg kick, and now opens up from range. Krause trying to get the jab going. Lazaro with a combination, and right hand lands. Krause still working the jab, and he winds up and misses a big shot. Leg kick from Lazaro. Lazaro now throws some jabs of his own, and to good effect. That snapped Krause's head back, and Krause shoots for a takedown and gets it momentarily. Lazaro right back up, but he's wearing Krause on his back. They slide to fence, where Lazaro reverses Krause. Krause holding onto Lazaro, but can't keep him there. Back to center. Right hand from Lazaro lands. They come in at the same time, and Krause lands an uppercut to the body. Clash of heads halts the action; both guys alright. Krause goes low for a high single leg, but Lazaro coolly back-pedals to fence. Krause working some knees, still holding onto left leg. A couple of kicks from Krause, and a push kick lands. Lazaro responds with a beautiful combination, and he's peppering Krause with long left jabs. He also landed a nice shot to Krause's body. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Lazara, 10-9

Round 2: Krause with a mouse forming under his right eye. The Brazilian Lazaro trying to find his range, and Krause switching stances. Nice right cross from Krause, and he ducks for takedown...can't get it. Krause starting to find success with that jab. His corner said they thought Lazaro was slowing between rounds, and so far he's testing it. Jab from Lazaro. Great right hand crashes into Lazaro's temple from Krause, but he shakes it off. Left hook to body from Krause. Both guys are slowing a bit. Krause is opening up his arsenal, showing a lot of looks. Left hook from Krause lands, too. Right hand from Krause, and he gets out of the way from a Lazaro punch. Krause really picking his shots. McCarthy calls time as Lazaro takes a shot to the groin. He's getting some time to recover. Krause comes right back in, and they exchange. Leg kick from Krause just as Lazaro blasts him high with a left. They are trading in the center, that time jousting with their jabs. Krause with his arms down, and tries a slow head kick that costs him a couple of shots to the head. Nice body punch from Lazaro. Big time right hand from Lazaro on a break from the clinch, and they clinch again. Krause trying for the trip, but he slides right off the Brazilian's body and hits the deck. Right back up, and they come together for another exchange at the end. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Krause, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

Round 3: Final round in another back-and-forth fight. Lazaro staying long, and Krause lands an inside leg kick. Krause changing levels, still moving. Krause with a right hand counter, and they again throw simultaneous jabs. Body shot from Krause, who then tries to blast Lazaro high but misses. Combo began from a leg kick from Lazaro, and he connects on each. A series of jabs from Lazaro land, and that frustrates the Missouri fighter Krause. Kick by Krause, who is still feinting and moving well. Leg kick from Lazaro, and another, and that wobbled Krause, who then shoots for a takedown. He gets it, but can't keep Lazaro there. They roll to the fence, and Krause has Lazaro's back. Nice kick while holding Lazaro's back on fence lands, but the Brazilian spins out. Krause with a body kick. Krause just the busier fighter, and the more effective on the exchanges. Even still, Lazaro is coming on. He eats a jab, and another, Krause is just keeping him at bay with it. Some swelling on Lazaro's face now, as he gets cracked in the ribs from a kick. Krause with a right hand into a takedown attempt, but can't get it. A couple of left hands from Lazaro land, and Krause still bobbing lands a couple of range counters. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Krause, 10-9 (29-28 overall for Krause)

UFC 184 official results: Valmir Lazaro def. James Krause via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Derrick Lewis vs. Ruan Potts
Round 1: This one could be quick. Referee is Jerin Valel. They touch them up. Inside leg kick from Potts. Big high kick from Lewis, who is patient as hell rocking on the back of his feet. He plods forward as Potts throws a body kick and clears out. Potts dekes with a takedown and now comes in and slams his bulk into Lewis on fence. Lewis tries to trip Potts, and nearly succeeds, but now he's got Potts pressed against the fence. Looks like Potts took a knee to the groin. Potts wincing in a lot of pain as the ref gives Potts time to gather himself. They touch them up again, and we're back. High kick from Potts hits a lot of forearms. Big shot from Lewis fells Potts, and he swoops in for the finish! He lands a couple of big shots on the ground, and now Potts grabs his leg and is torqueing it. He might get him here, but Lewis rolls, and rolls again, and he's out. Wow. What a sequence. Now Potts is working on Lewis on top, from half guard, landing small elbows. Lewis pretty relaxed on his back, but stiff as a board. Potts continues to work, and now Lewis very easily reverses the position and from the top lands a couple of huge shots. Now a right hand and Potts is showing his chin. Damn! He got lit up a couple of times. They stand, and Potts bulls Lewis into the fence, and Lewis drops some acute elbows into his temple. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Lewis, 10-9.

Round 2: Right back at it, they collide, and Lewis tries to toss Potts over. He half-succeeds, and now he's landing big shots again. Potts in trouble. Lewis stands up with Potts on his back, and looks for a point of entry. He finally jumps into his guard, and now he goes to work here. Lewis postures up, and trying to free his arms to drop some bombs. Can't. Potts half flirting with an armbar, but not close. Lewis clamping down, but Lewis frees himself and starts wailing away with his right hand. Lewis Full mount, and he's just dropping big shots down on Potts. Slow, plodding, deliberate punches. Potts somehow still there. Here we go again, and Potts eating one after another after another, and finally the referee steps in. Fight's over. And Lewis does his celebration. He was just blowing Potts up with big shots there, and with extreme patience.

UFC 184 officials results: Derrick Lewis def. Ruan Potts via TKO (strikes) at 3:18 of R2

Dhiego Lima vs. Tim Means
Round 1: Third man for this one is Herb Dean. They touch gloves. High kick from Means, and now a leg kick. Tires a body punch with his left, and Lima comes in with a high kick of his own. They trade inside leg kicks. Means in the southpaw stance, and again lets for a leg kick. They clinch in the middle, and neither can fire off the break. Means comes in aggressively on the fence, and blasts Lima with a couple of hard shots. Lima is hurt! Means trying to put him away with punches, and now as they stand he lands a couple of big elbows! Lima, somehow, doesn't fall. But as they return to center, he eats a straight left that staggers him yet again. Lima trying to collect his wits. He tries for a takedown, can't get it. Means very poised, cocks back and nails Lima with a straight left and then a series of follow-ups. Dean steps in and waves off the beating. Wow! Tim Means looked great.

UFC 184 official results: Tim Means def. Dhiego Lima via TKO (strikes) at 2:17 of R1

Roman Salazar vs. Norifumi Yamamoto
Round 1: John McCarthy the referee. Last night he was doing Bellator all the way in Connecticut. Trooper, Big John is. Yamamoto comes out and tries to take Salazar's head off. Now he drops his hands and bounces from range, with the wide stance, looking for his opening. Salazar with a leg kick that fans. Nice exchange, and Salaza with a body kick. Yamamoto is flickering in and out right now, but so far now throwing much. Now Salazar moves forward and fans on a kick-punch combo. Nice knee from Salazar. Good right over the top from Yamamoto, who counters a low attack from Salazar. Salazar gets down low and tries for a takedown, but it's easily thwarted. Yamamoto with a leg kick. Everything coming in short bursts. Uppercut from Yamamoto. Salazar tries a head kick, misses, but does land a looping left counter. Now McCarthy stops the action as Yamamoto got poked in the eye. Big John checks on him as he bounces around. He's alright, and they are right back to it. Salazar lowes and comes in winging punches, and Yamamoto tamps him with a short left. Little left cross from Salazar. A lot of movement and elusiveness in that round. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Yamamoto, 10-9.

Round 2: Leg kick from Yamamoto, but Salazar waited for it and exploded for a takedown at the same moment and tackles him on fence. Yamamoto bounces back up quick, though, and he circles. Salazar lurches with a left hand that connects. Just a one-off, and he resets. He's bouncing around and trying to time something out. Yamamoto a very evasive blur for most of this. Now we've got a second eyepoke, this time it's Salazar who gets the finger in the orbital. Looks like he's alright. Back at it. Good left hand by Salazar, and he changes levels just as Yamamoto fires off a leg kick that catches him well. Yamamoto strakes him from distance, and then just as Salazar comes bounding in for an offensive, he chops him with a right cross. Nice sequence. Oh, no, another eyepoke. It's Salazar who got poked again. It occurred when Salazar came in and Yamamoto was retreating with his fingers splayed. This time Salazar taking some time. They are now bringing in a physician to look at the eye. The flashlights are shining. Salazar having trouble keeping his eye open (the left eye). Salazar says he can't see out of the eye, and says he can't continue. That's it. The fight's over.

UFC 184 official results: Roman Salazar vs. Nurifumi Yamamoto is declared a "no contest" at 2:37 of R2 (eyepoke to Salazar, who was unable to continue)

Mark Munoz vs. Roan Carneiro
Round 1: Referee is Jarin Valel. Munoz and Jucao. They touch them up. Last time Carneiro fought in the Octagon was in 2008, at UFC 88. He comes forward. Munoz drops to try and get a takedown, and Carneiro snatches his neck and spins him around. He immediately moves into side control, and Carneiro lands a right hand. Wow, Munoz tries to spin around and gives up his back. Carneiro snatches Munoz's neck and he's squeezing for the rear naked choke. Munoz is out! Referee slow to see it, but that's it! It's over. Munoz's eyes were rolling in the back of his head. What a return for Carneiro. Munoz didn't look good at all.

UFC 184 official results: Roan Carneiro def. Mark Munoz via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:40 of R1

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