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Anthony Johnson wants to 'punch a hole' through Jon Jones' soul

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES -- A common theme ran through the people's questions and comments for Anthony "Rumble" Johnson during a Friday afternoon Q & A session at LA Live.

One after another, fans stepped to the mic and asked Johnson to knock Jon Jones out when the two tangle for the UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 187 on May 23, though many put the matter in far more profane terms.

Among the well-wishers,was one fan, a woman from Sweden, who first told "Rumble" she was "pissed" because he defeated Alexander Gustafsson last month.

"I'm sorry," Johnson answered. "I didn't mean to shut down the whole country."

Even then, the woman turned things around and told Johnson he could make up for it by taking out Jones.

"I'll definitely do my best to punch a hole through his soul," Johnson quipped.

The Blackzilians fighter was asked a range of questions, from how in the world he ever managed to get down to 170 pounds back in the day ("with a whole lot of prayer"); to how he got the nickname Rumble ("I was driving out to Big Bear to train ... and it just popped in my head"); to his all-time favorite UFC fight (Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva).

But the topic kept coming back to "Rumble's" date with the champ. Asked whether he's going to change his game plan in order to beat the sport's top pound-for-pound fighter, Johnson said "I'm going to go in there with guns blazing and just do what I do."

Johnson's bread-and-butter is no secret: He hits like a freight train, which has enabled him to win nine fights in a row, with six of those coming via finish.

And he feels that's the key to victory over Jones.

The champ "hasn't seen anybody who hits the way I do," he said. "He's seen some people who can do close to what I can do, but not quite what I can do."

One thing Johnson wouldn't do, though, was take the bait when asked about JJones' recent out-of-competition troubles, as he kept things strictly professional. "Rumble" used the opportunity to remind those taking digs at the champ that no one is perfect.

"Everybody makes mistakes," he said. "Nobody in this room here today is perfect. I have respect for the man still."

There's one fighter, though, that Johnson made clear he has no interest in fighting. Asked if he wanted to knock out former Blackzilians teammate Alistair Overeem, "Rumble" quipped "I don't want to knock him out. Everyone else is knocking him out."

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