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Cat Zingano jokes about passing drug test amid rumors: 'I didn't even study'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

TORRANCE, Calif. -- Around the middle of last week there were rumors abound online that Cat Zingano had failed her random, out-of-competition drug test and would not be able to compete in the UFC 184 main event.

Well, don't believe everything you read on the internet.

Zingano passed the test administered by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), according to executive officer Andy Foster, and she'll be good to go to challenge UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey on Saturday night at Staples Center. Rousey also passed her own pre-fight drug tests.

The nasty rumors didn't find their way to Zingano's Team Elevation in Denver, Colo. She hadn't heard about them until Wednesday at UFC 184 open workouts at UFC Gym here. When asked about the drug test, Zingano laughed and flexed her muscles.

"I passed the drug test -- and the pregnancy test," she joked. "So we're good. I didn't even study."

Zingano (9-0) kept it light Wednesday, which is contrary to her typical guarded nature with the media. She was extremely loose just three days before the biggest fight of her life.

"It's crazy," Zingano said. "It's like I feel the most calm I've ever felt. I feel like I'm finally where I worked my butt off to be and I'm just absorbing it, taking it in. I'm really looking forward to it."

Zingano was in such good spirits that she mocked her own primal screams when asked about the UFC promos showing her emotional victory roars.

"It was such an awkward scream, but right on if they liked it," Zingano said.

Being in front of hundreds of fans for her workout made everything feel real to Zingano. She hit pads and grappled with close friend and Invicta FC women's flyweight champion Barb Honchak. The stage is still knew to her -- this is her first time headlining and being one of the centers of attention. Even when she made her return after knee surgery at UFC 178, she shared a card with the likes of Demetrious Johnson, Donald Cerrone, Conor McGregor and Dominick Cruz.

"I'm someone that would trip and fall on my face while everyone's looking," Zingano said. "It's cool. I feel appreciated and I appreciate that. I like it. It's a good pressure to have."

Zingano, 32, felt the same way when she arrived in Los Angeles on Tuesday and saw the giant billboards adorned with her and Rousey's face.

"It's cool walking by and being like, 'That's me. Oh wow,'" Zingano said. "I just feel, I can't say accomplished, because I'm not done. There's still more to go. I haven't arrived. When I win that fight, when my hand is raised, is when all of it will feel like I've made it. Until then I stay humble and positive and really just enjoy the moment."

In her mind, there's no reason not to be relaxed. This is what she has worked so hard for and now she's in the middle of it.

"It's a crazy thing to be nervous for," Zingano said. "You really only get that kind of luxury only a few times in your life and it's great."

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