MMAfighting Fanpost Exclusive! Interview with Josh Neer's so called "Bully" Patrick Martin

After a shitstorm in the morning report and on twitter, with some criticizing Neer, a trained professional fighter with 13 UFC fights, for his brutal beating of what he described as a "facebook bully", and other coming to his defense citing the ancient sumerian proverb "talk shit get hit bitch", I ran across the "victim"/"bully" in question on facebook. Mr Patrick was gracious enough to give me an interview, probably because he didn't realize Im not a really real reporter at my request.

My initial thoughts, based on Neer's statements and the video, was that perhaps Neer should have criminal charges. I am not sure I can back off those when the video is taken at face value, but as you'll see the man who received the kick likely wouldn't agree. Certainly, it sounds like Neer crossed several lines if he did indeed attack him after the session was over. I also interviewed a witness, a friend of Patrick's, who also offered the same depiction of the event in question. Without the full video, we may never know what exactly happened. Because, in the end, that totally matters in our lives.

Emmery Myers : Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today.

So this video made a big splash today in social media. Lots of opinions. First question I guess I have to ask, are you injured?

Patrick Martin: No just a fat lip!

EM: Next question, Josh has been on social media giving his side, so what is your side of the story?

PM: My side is that we had a 3 minute sparring round that he couldn't score or take me down! He threw wild punches I dodged and counter and with my 16oz gloves I did all the punching also mixed a couple kicks in! Everything you see is after the round bell sounded as I turned away from him picking up my mouth piece I dropped after the round!

EM: Glad you're not hurt. Thats incredible. So this was a planned match? How did it come about? Is Neer's version of events accurate?

PM: Not quite! he's adding all this talk, that I talk shit about MMA fighters when I talked shit to him after disrespecting me a bout a wrestling drill I was tired in! So I left it alone till I saw him out and I bought him a couple beers and then he walked of talking shit to his buddy about me! So I blew up on him on Facebook demanding a full contact spar! I said I'll bring 16oz. So the beef is with him and a couple other of his gyms fighter who was talking shit on my page!

I'm not scared of fucking Josh Neer! Nor any man! He don't wanna show the full video so I'll let him think he won! I seen his game plan fighting me and that's not gonna work!

EM: How long have you trained in MMA?

PM: Well I boxed growing up and wrestled till high school before playing basketball. I always had a love for boxing since my best friends dad "Billy Graham" got my involved at the age of 7, with the sport I attended pena's boxing club in davenport, Iowa.

EM: Awesome. How long have you seriously trained real MMA? Ever had any matches? in boxing, MMA or wrestling?

PM: Yeah both boxing and wrestling. Most recent was a state championship about 6 years ago amateur. I had a MMA bout like 8 years ago it was in Iowa city at the Union bar when they brought the rings in for fight night. I was the first fighter that signed up and the first win in the bar. So this will be my first year training seriously for MMA.

EM: You wrestled in the state championship?

PM: No I never made it to state! I made it to distract my 9th grade you but was beat out by the senior state heavyweight champ in class 1A Iowa!

EM: You mentioned you were in the state championship, was that in boxing then?

PM: Yea, 2008!

EM: How many amateur bouts have you had? How many did you win?

PM: 2 boxing, 1 MMA. I've never lost any amatuer bout!

EM: Was this sparring session preplanned? What were the rules?

PM: Yeah the sparring session was planned and when I came in I was planning on sparing 2 fighters from the gym so I announced I'll give them each three minutes. Neer replied real fight I sad I don't have time for that so we agreed to a round! After saying "that's all I need anyways with you" so I got my gloves and he needed more than a round!

EM: Are you still a member of the gym?

PM: Not their gym! The owner or whoever kicked me out after the 13 second video u saw!

EM: What does the rest of the video show?

PM: The video shows the whole round we sparred! Me hitting him, him throwing wild, me dodging and countering, him trying twice to take me down which where failed attempts, me after the round was over walking away bending over to pick up my mouth piece, him shooting and mounting!

I remember me scoring and him not the whole round! If I fought Neer I would take him to decision because he can't score nor choke me out or take me down when I'm in my guard! And throwing those wild ass haymakers will definitely not hit me! But we will have on the same oz gloves could get interesting. And I'm not taking anything away from the guy and his career he earned it all! I'm just letting him know I'm not anything he's portraying me as. Too bad we got off to the bad start cause I don't think he's a bad guy! But it is just what it is. Life will go on.

EM: How do you respond to Neer's claims that you are a bully?

PM: Well I'm no bully! Coming from Josh Neer! I walk around 90% of the day smiling! He always look angry, bothered, moody, etc so he can call me what he wants it don't bother me! I'm a man I have responsibilities in life that need more focus than what's said about me online! Lol

EM: How do you feel about that soccer kick?

PM: The kick well I never been kicked before in the mouth so I'd say it was a success! Lol well cheap success!

EM: You are a heavyweight correct? What is your tale of the tape?

PM: 240! 6'6"

EM: You will be making your pro debut in June I understand? Opponent set?PM: Yes I am my man. Fight for the MCC. Terrence Reasby!

EM: Are you interested in an actual MMA bout with Neer?

PM: Of course! I'd love one! I'd like to get my lick back lol

EM: Awesome, think he'd take you up on it?
PM: Well Idk he said he's not fighting me again! So if he doesn't no big deal! Point is that I'm not or never have been afraid of him!

EM: Awesome. Well good luck on your fight and thanks again for taking the time to answer a few questions
PM: Oh ok my man! thank you!