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Morning Report: Wanderlei Silva says Anderson Silva's legacy 'will never be changed and can never be touched'

Washington Alves, Inovafoto

"How can we explain the unexplainable?"

When it comes to former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva's failed drug screenings, Wanderlei Silva thankfully doesn't really try.

In a short video released to fans, the former PRIDE great preferred to remind supporters of Silva's many accolades than address his testing positive for anabolic steroid metabolites prior to and following his decision victory over Nick Diaz at UFC 183 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"We have to understand that this fighter's legacy will never be changed and can never be touched," said Silva. "Anderson is the man. He became the man. He is our modern Bruce Lee. We have to understand that all geniuses have a crazy side to them. That is the way he is.

"It will please some and not please others, but it's his ingeniousness. We must recognize that. No matter what happened, we can't question his talent. We've all seen it with our own eyes."

Silva's certainly had his own issues in Las Vegas.

After fleeing a random drug test ahead of a doomed bout with Chael Sonnen at UFC 175 last July, Silva sued the Nevada State Athletic Commission after they handed him a lifetime ban.

"I trained with him for years and he is exceptional, he really can do amazing things. So I am here to support he athlete, always. Anderson, you are our champion. Congratulations for all that you have achieved. You elevated MMA worldwide. You made MMA what is it in Brazil today. All of us MMA fighters must thank you for your brilliance. For the path you walked to give all the athletes a better status."

Finally, Wanderlei says he believes Silva will make another successful return to fighting.

"Congratulations to you. God bless. And everything will pass. You will come back, just like you already did, in a surprising fashion. I was very happy to see you win. God will bless you again and time moves on. Who knows what will happen once this storm passes? I'll never doubt Anderson Silva. This will pass and he will comeback [sic] to kick some butts and get that belt back. Who knows?"



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It's time!

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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via Jet"Streetfighter"Feds.

What Should The UFC Next Look To Improve The Most?

From the The Ultimate Fighter show that started it all (which has now seemingly long overran its course) to inconsistent title shots, it would appear there are various areas the UFC really needs to significantly alter. In the last few months, we hardcore and casual MMA fans have witnessed some drastic turn of events, both possibly good and undeniably bad. In this article, I'd like to explore what areas the UFC should better clarify, outright change, what it has improved, and what it desperately needs to.

Let's start with the "possibly" good, which is the Reebok deal. According to Dana White, the money from the deal with Reebok (worth $70 million) is supposedly to be distributed to the fighters, extra pay contingent on how a fighter is ranked. Apparently the #1-5 guys will get more than then #6-10 and, in turn, this group will get more than the #11-15. Sounds fair right? What we don't know however is the pay scale itself, specifically "What are these fighters in these positions actually going to be compensated?"


Check out the rest of the post here.


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