Nick Diaz Vs Anderson Silva 2nd viewing. And advocating a live scoring system.

Hi Fight fans. Wow what a cool weekend, not really the best fights were put on. But a rare occurrence took place. And that was Nick Diaz Vs Anderson Silva. Pretty much everyone wanted to see this, and Dana obliged. It is also the only PPV I currently have bought since last year. And its the only One I will be buying as cards lately continue to fail, fall apart, people almost die from cutting weight etc.

So after my little rant, lets focus on the PPV that we all wanted. Diaz V Silva !! YES during the PPV all seemed well. Brandao and whoever being scrapped was a bummer but. When they were announcing it all I was saying, and I guess 10 billion other people were saying the same thing lol.. Please not Diaz or Silva.... And it wasn't haha.

So we sat down enjoyed some fights and wasn't really surprised on the results on the under cards. However Nick Vs Silva was puzzling.

Nick threw like only 40-50% of his usual output. You could see he was slow , I guess he was really injured, having said that. What he did throw looked good, it wasn't effective at all though. He is too small for the weight class. Not enough power I don't think.
We all enjoyed the fight, as I said I was frustrated at Nicks low workload. and Silva looked like he was in a tuneup fight and looked decent. he wasn't stressed at all. and he wasn't tested or had his cardio tested or anything, they were either both SUPER fit, or it was an easy fight for Silva and Diaz was injured and low workload/output. At the end Nick did confirm he had bone spurs. Which is painful as hell! And as TJ can attest to! he got them taken out ASAP. So lets give Nick some credit.

So upon the 2nd viewing (as I type this I am just finished round one. ) Now keep this in mind. I have the ability to pause rewind and all that stuff. So give the judges a break

I believe judges should score the round, but also write down and justify the score as I will do now.


Diaz started well, he found his range early threw rare leg kicks and scored well with different punches. Silva in the last minute regained the center of the cage and threw some medium level punches that landed and had Nick on the back foot. I would have scored it 10-9 Diaz except the last minute so a Draw is fair.

10-10 - draw

Round 2

Silva more aggressive at 2:00 Diaz starts leg kicks and more aggression.
Big exchange from Nick at 3:30 and responded by Silva negating each others attack. SIlva then continues to be aggressive and attacks again.

with 40secs Nick turns up the heat with series of great punches giving him the round

10-9 - Diaz wins

Round 3

First minute nothing happens, the next 2-2.30 minutes nick is not doing so well. Silva has been busier. The last 35 seconds Nick has some success, but it isn't enough, Silva wins this round.

10-9 Silva Wins

Round 4

Not much happens first 1.5 minutes some leg kicks here n there. But equal Nick has a good exchange towards the end.
10-9 Diaz wins

Round 5
Diaz taunts Silva and gets what he wanted a nice shot landed on his chin.
1:30 in and Diaz lands a nice couple of punches, Silva responds with kicks and jabs to create space. But Diaz scored . The rest of the round belongs to Anderson.

10-9 Silva wins

so lets tally it up

10,10,9,10,9 = 48 Total
10,9, 10,9,10= 48 Total

My outcome is a DRAW

if you went on damage alone Diaz loses. if you go on workload Diaz wins. So many factors go into judging. but the way I judged this fight was. Every time a fighter had a significant impact so if he lands a punch or a kick. or he takes them down etc. I give the fighter a mark on a piece of paper. and the end I Tally up those events and decide who had more events in that round.
It's kinda like Olympic boxing where you get a point for landing a punch, or taekwondo when you hear the big Pop of the chest guard you give a point. I did the same thing. And that is how I came to my decision

I think this is a better way to judge fights. It can be done in real time, and timestamped against an event. So if a Judge is going full retard, there is a record of what he voted for, and what time in the fight it corresponds to.

And the best thing is. This can be done live, so the 3 judges at ringside have their own box on the tv screen. Or screens in the Arena so the fans and fighters/ cornermen can see what is going on. And then the fighters know where they are in the fight, this would increase action for slow fights, or close fights that a KO or a point will decide it. etc.

Let me know what you think !!