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UFC withdraws support from European Judo Championships

Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

According to a press release by the UFC on Friday, the organization was withdrawn their support and involvement in the upcoming European Judo Championships. The release states they were forced into such a position by the European Judo Union (EJU), who allegedly threatened to cancel the event if the UFC was still involved.

The EJU has not offered public comment on the matter at this time of this writing. The UFC did not present a reason for the alleged objection to their involvement from the EJU.

"We love to see sport thrive and athletes prosper, which is why the UFC prides itself on supporting all combat sports both mixed and individual disciplines. Our aim was to help Judo reach a new audience, increase promotion, help to sell tickets and create a buzz around the European judo Championships. It is disappointing to see that the European Judo Union cannot see the benefits of collaboration and celebration of all sports," said David Allen, Senior Vice President and General Manager UFC EMEA in the release.

The UFC announced its intent to sponsor the event on February 3rd. UFC said at the time its aim was to "support the event with branding, marketing and also promotion of the event to their audience of engaged mixed martial artists - of which Judo is a foundation discipline- around the world."

The European Judo Championships takes place from April 9-12 at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, Scotland.

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