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Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz full fight video highlights

Watch Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz full fight video highlights from UFC 183's main event above, courtesy of FOX Sports.

UFC 183: Silva vs. Diaz took place January 31, 2015 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. All-time great and former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (34-6) return for the first time since his gruesome broken leg to fight Nick Diaz (26-10, 1 NC) in the night's main event, which aired live on pay-per-view. Catch the video highlights above.

For more on Silva vs. Diaz, check out the play-by-play by's own Luke Thomas below.

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Round 1: John McCarthy draws the assignment of the main event. The once-retired Diaz against the GOAT Silva, who is coming back from that devastating leg break at UFC 168. Diaz rushes out with his window-washer movement, and Silva circles. Diaz is taunting and talking to Diaz, as he lowers a leg kick. Silva circles around, and Diaz pivots around. Big right hand misses from Silva, and Diaz drops his hands, and now drops to the floor and lies down. He gets back up, and he does what Silva was doing to Weidman, encouraging him to come hit him. It's bizarre! Silva with a leg kick. Now Diaz with arms down talks and moves forward. They exchange, as they clinch, and Silva rips him wit ha quick punch. Now he comes over top and misses Diaz. Leg kick from Diaz. Gut punch from Diaz, and now he lands a couple of crude shots up ttop. Anderson dropping his arms now, and he snaps off a kick from the leg. There it is. No trouble! He just keeps rolling. Another leg kick from the former middleweight champ. Diaz still pursuing. Diaz with a little blood on the bridge of his nose. Body punch from Diaz, and a follow-up kick misses. Silva, moving backwards, catches Diaz with a counter. Now he's coming in, and he tries a flying knee. They pantomime, and then Silva slams home a couple of shots, including a solid jab. Big punches now from Silva, who lands several more, but Diaz stands in and kicks his leg and gets a counter shot on parting. Spinning back kick from Diaz misses. Silva tries to high five Nick at close of the round, but Diaz spurns him. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Silva, 10-9.

Round 2: Diaz again rushes across the cage to begin the round. Diaz doing interesting things with his hands, mind games maybe. Oblique kick from Silva, and now Diaz tries a head kick...misses. Diaz with his hands up now, but as Silva refuses to throw he drops them down. Silva tries a kick, misses. Diaz pursues, as he lifts his elbow up at an angle. Silva comes in with a right hand, and then an inside leg kick. Diaz trying to keep the distance with leg kicks, and that was a good sequence of three there. Silva just takes them. And another. Big whipping kick from Silva with his left leg, the one in question. Diaz shoots in for takedown, but Silva sprawls. Diaz continues to bleed from his nose. Silva gets out of the way from a high kick, and Diaz picks his shorts out of his butt. He's having a good time. They exchange on fence, and Diaz took the brunt of things as he tried to time out a counter. Left hand from Diaz, and now some crisp shots from Silva, who is starting to find his swagger. Another big shot from his left leg, the repaired one with the titanium rod. No repercussions. Diaz still rolling strong, though, and he lets loose a couple of shots up top as Silva drops a body kick on him that hurt! Wow. Very loud, but Diaz shakes it off. Silva grabs Diaz by back of the neck, but Diaz able to land a series of shots as he does, in volume. Crazy round. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Silva, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

Round 3: That last round was close. This whole fight is playing out pretty dramatically, but it looked like Silva was starting to find his range. He starts with an oblique kick, and that puts Diaz back. Now Diaz comes forward, and Silva punishes him with a combination with strike to head and a low kick. Diaz, stutter-stepping back, now freezes in his tracks waiting for Silva to finish his movement. Silva resets. Inside leg kick from Silva. Diaz now crouches low and plays some hand movement. He's trying to size things up, but Silva on on his bicycle. He's circling. They trade leg kicks, and now Silva punches Diaz's thigh and opens fire up top. He landed a couple of range snipe shots, and Diaz ate them. Diaz hanging around just fine, really. He's not pressuring in volume, but he's finding his windows. Silva staples a couple of long jabs into Diaz's grill, and Diaz lands a couple of jabs of his own. Diaz circles as the fight slows for a moment. Inside leg kick from Silva, then an oblique kick. Silva shuffling hips as if to lead up, but can't get his opening. Leg kick instead. He tries a spinning heel kick that narrowly, narrowly misses. Wow. Again, he attacks the lead leg of Diaz. Diaz comes in with a short hook that lands, and Silva not bothered. The round ends, and Silva still looks like he's in mint condition. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Silva, 10-9 (30-27 overall).

Round 4: We'll see how they do in the late rounds, here. Diaz known for his cardio, but he's been out longer than Silva. Diaz comes in and tries to work a kick into Silva's midsection. Another low kick from Silva, and those are taking their toll. Diaz holds the middle, but what an elusive target Silva is. Diaz still throwing kicks, too. His don't have as much behind them. Nice little combo there from Diaz, as he landed a couple up top on Silva. Action has slowed. Diaz walking around the cage, and Silva closes in with an oblique kick. Diaz moves in again and lands a right. Diaz comes in and fires off a combo, and Silva counters nicely. Now they clinch and in close, Diaz snaps off a series of shots. He's been effective at close range, which for so long was Silva's world. Nice leg kick again from Silva's left leg, and that had plenty of oomph. The volume of strikes has been pretty even for this fight, but Silva demonstrating a slightly better accuracy. Diaz cuts off Silva's angle and tries to sneak in a left. Silva moves off. Crowd voicing some displeasure as the action slows and the round ends. MMA Fighting scores R4 for Silva, 10-9 (40-36 overall).

Round 5:
Last round, and now the crowd cheers as the fighters come out for it. Silva with a right hand, and then a leg kick, picking his shots on that sequence. Very controlled. He moves in again and lands a nice piece of chin music with his right before kicking Diaz's leg. Silva, while rolling to his right, lands a couple of rights on the fly. Beautiful left hand lands from Diaz, and now Silva stalks him into fence and tries to return fire. Doesn't get any piece of Diaz on that exchange. A couple of low kicks from Silva, and Diaz comes forward with a couple of rhythm strikes. Straight left jabs into a combo fro Silva, who is rolling now. Diaz with a leg kick, and another. Silva lets forth a volley of punches up top, and the back end of those get through. Again he tries to obliterate Diaz with a spinning kick, but misses. Right jab on the move from Silva. Silva waves Diaz forward. A minute to go. Diaz comes in close and tries to engage, but he eats an elbow and now he's bleeding profusely. A couple of jabs from Silva, and a leg kick. Silva in great shape for this fight, just keeps peppering from afar. It's going to be his fight. Diaz tries one last flying kick, but it's not close. MMA Fighting scores R5 for Silva, 10-9 (50-45 overall)

UFC 183 official results: Anderson Silva def. Nick Diaz via unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45).

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